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all in a days work.

Yesterday started out good. Found out Larry had come back from the hospital, just a severe case of altitude sickness mixed with too much Crown I think. I didnt ask any questions because it is not my business and he didnt want any of his employees to know.

Saw my first rainsnow-bow on my way to work. It was beautiful.

Worked a full day and was off by 2pm and able to head into town for a brew fest with my friend Rhiannon. Was able to try a bunch of beers i’ve never heard of before, and old favorites.

Today was great. for to serve breakfast all by myself, which was awesome. The dining room is on the second story and has wall to wall windows where you can see the horses, mountains, and if you are lucky some cute birds really close up. Today i saw the prettiest bird, I had to look up what it was, but I have concluded that it was a blackheaded grosbeak. Which I assure you, is much cuter than its name leads you to believe. All of the birds here are really pudgey and cute. Even the robins are huge.

Worked 10 hours, took a nap, and went to our western dance ho-down (sp). Thing in the lodge.

Our guest right now are just a big corporate group who are just hear to drink, play poker, and pool. They are so much fun, but it makes it hard to imagine what it will be like when the rest of the guest come with their children…

its late again, as usual.

hope you are all having fun too



if there is a god, what the eff did i ever do to you?

Yesterday was the arrival of our first real guest. Curious if having guest would make things more or less fun… 23 Floridians arrived, so obviously… MORE FUN!!!!! thank goodness someone else arrived on this ranch that understands how to have a good time (and appreciate good weather).

Not only is this trip funded by one man, the owner, and easily 50 thousand dollars, his name is Larry, just like the last two bosses i left in Florida. I didn’t know that one Larry existed, and now I know 3!

Today was the third time in 5 months i have watched an ambulance remove a body from a building. At least this time I was not the one that had to dial 911. Walking home from the lodge we see a car pull up, almost instantaneously john says “looks like a Cadillac” and i say “looks like an escalade”, took half a second to register we were both right.

Larrys wife was looking for anyone, he short of breath and numb all over, living in the middle of no where, at 1 o’clock in the morning it takes forever for an ambulance to arrive (due to fog and chance of hitting an elk (and being in the middle of f-in no where)). Leaving me, the only woman there besides his wife to bring him comfort, since no one else knew what to offer besides taking his pulse, which he wasn’t conscious enough to feel anyway. I don’t know if I have grown a natural knack for that thing, or if I just understand what people need to hear, but it seemed natural and pleasing, and i took some solace in knowing the comfort I was able to offer him

But consoling a half dead person is really the last thing, THE LAST THING i can think of putting myself through (yes i understand how selfish that is). I am happy I was able to be there for him…but.. more damaged than people think when I was crying about it. sure if he will be fine he will be fine, but i am sure that is not what i am falling apart over. 

i’ve been trying to be a good person and mind myself, this is some cruel punishment for some unspoken sin i must have commited.

i will update you as soon as i’m updated on his condition.

Hearts colors change like leaves

I was having a rough time around here. working less than forty hours a week, eating, sleeping and living all in the same place. Not use to having so much down time. Things have been getting better, and I think will only continue to get better. Been having fun the past few days, and excited that the weather seems to be clearing up a little, which will give more opportunity for camping and rafting and other fun things.

My hearts been pretty heavy about things back home. Things that I can’t change but I still deal with, and other things that seem like they have been waiting to be changed. I am beginning to think that there is no reason to move home after this. Moving home sounds like the easy thing to do, until I start thinking about it, and nothing seems harder than going backwards.

thinking of you all often

love you

will it ever stop snowing?

Just scraped enough snow off my car to fill my cooler…(thumbs down)… but you never have to worry about your beer getting warm around here (thumbs up).

Went hiking yesterday with Savanah to the summit of Signal Mountain. It was the perfect length and climb, thankfully we did it yesterday because it hasn’t stopped snowing since we got home from our hike.

—-> Lovely Rita taking a nap on the horse hay

we also met a grouse.. who was not interested in biting or chasing us at all, so that was a pleasant surprise

—–>a not great picture of a moutain bluebird. but they are gorgeous in real life.

“I wanted movement and not a calm course of existence. I wanted excitement and danger and the chance to sacrifice myself for my love. I felt in myself a superabundance of energy which found no outlet in our quiet life” -leo tolstoy

I went hiking today, less then 10 miles i think, but as long as i could before the weather started to turn. Snowed, hailed, cleared up, snowed while the sun was out, and then just started to blizzard. Was hoping the hike would clear my mind, but it just didnt prove to be successful.

rain or shine

Its kinda fun that the weather here is sorta like Florida’s. Rainy one moment and sunny the next, just much colder.

Went hiking behind the lodge again a couple of days ago and have decided to no longer participate in that hike until grouchy grouse season is over. Every time we go up he seems to be getting more and more aggressive. This time he actually met us 2 hill tops away from the bench where he usually harasses us. Hopefully it will warm up for a little bit so there will be more hiking options available that do not require tromping through the snow.

I have concluded that it is a blue grouse. I believe he has concluded that he will be drawing blood next time.

The rest of the horses have arrived! Went into the horse corral area for the first time yesterday and met some of the horses. I am still uncertain of the need to ride thee se animals… but hopefully a little more time around them and I will be more comfortable with the idea.

the cutest one I have noticed so far is Tank, but I am leaning towards riding Butch. He has been recommended as a good horse, and lets face it, Butch/Cassidy could be an unbeatable combination.

55 degrees

Second day of work today. Kitchen dynamics is always interesting. Not much really to do yet. struggling to get 6 hours in, but i’m sure that will change soon and everyone will be sick of working, but right now just a lot of standing around. Our first guest aren’t scheduled to arrive until the 27th. Everything else is going pretty well. A lot more faith here then I am use to. I usually think to each their own, but that does not seem to be everyones mentality. Half of the horses are in, expecting around 40 more.

Other than that just cold and overcast. Think everyone is planning on heading to town to see a movie tonight, but i’m going to pass on that.

Hope everything is going well for all of you

miss you