55 degrees

Second day of work today. Kitchen dynamics is always interesting. Not much really to do yet. struggling to get 6 hours in, but i’m sure that will change soon and everyone will be sick of working, but right now just a lot of standing around. Our first guest aren’t scheduled to arrive until the 27th. Everything else is going pretty well. A lot more faith here then I am use to. I usually think to each their own, but that does not seem to be everyones mentality. Half of the horses are in, expecting around 40 more.

Other than that just cold and overcast. Think everyone is planning on heading to town to see a movie tonight, but i’m going to pass on that.

Hope everything is going well for all of you

miss you


    • Mum
    • May 18th, 2010

    Magic game tonight!

    • daddyo
    • May 19th, 2010

    So there are already 40 horses there? I can’t believe that the barn and corral can hold 80 horses!

    • Janet
    • May 19th, 2010

    Magic down 2 games to Celts :(…it was a good game tho’. Hang in there kiddo. xxoxox

  1. You know, I was worried about my semi-veg habits before going to WY, but nobody hassled me. Peeps were nice. Found veg dishes several places in the Parks.

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