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and i almost forgot!

i went riding again on saturday. I rode Bonita, obviously because she is a pretty pony.

hey pretty

maybe i will find a photo to upload on here sometime of the horses. i never think of it since they are out my window all day.



sunday funday

Phelps Lake from Death Canyon Trail

Went to the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar last night with  everyone. Seems like it would be easy to stay out super late here since the sun doesnt seem to completely set till after 9, but i usually still end up coming home pretty early.

Spent the best part of the day today hiking. Took the Death Canyon trail head down to Phelps lake. Hung out down there for a little bit. Took the trail back up to the bottom of a water fall. Although frowned upon. hiked off the trail up to the waterfall. Wanted to climb all the way to the top of it, but it was really steep and as much as i wanted to climb to the top… considered how bad the sliding the whole way down would feel, and decided to just stay as far up as i was.

Saw a yellow bellied marmot

Yellow Bellied Marmot

 on the way back out of the canyon. Super cute little fellow, just licking the rocks.. and munching on some falling pine needles.

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous, and I am really loving being able to enjoy the area and hiking.

i did not go to the rodeo.

however the guest visiting this week and the wrangler that took the guest to the rodeo witnessed the event.

stayed in Idaho for the first time tuesday night!

Went camping with some friends. Found a nice spot on a lake+creek. Its so nice to be able to go camping in the middle of june with out melting. The weather got down into the 30s. but it wasnt too bad.

Hiked up a little mountain that we were camped next to in the morning and jumped into the freezing cold when we reached the bottom. Some parts were pretty steep, but just practiced my “arizona skiing”  technique as my friend calls it. Which is basically sliding down the rocks and hoping you dont fall. haha

Had the whole day off yesterday. Just relaxed after getting back from camping. At sunset went down to Schwabachers Landing to watch for beavers at a little beaver lodge, but didnt see any. Did see 2 bull elk though looking happy as can be.

trying to pull it together to go to work now. Hard to fit work in with this fun. Hard to be motivated to work when there is no rent to pay. but thats all the complaints i have, so life is pretty good. ❤

miss you all

life is beautiful

things have been really busy this week. The ranch has been full, plus some of the home owners are here and they choose to eat in the dining room sometimes as well.

Hit 40 hours yesterday, and two more days to go of OT, so thats good!

Haven’t had too much of a break though, had a few hours off yesterday afternoon but had to go to town to pick up the linens. Stopped at the brewery though and had a beer with a friend.

Just been having fun mostly. Went hiking at Taggert lake with my friend Casey the other day. Was a nice 4 mile hike. Tried to do it when dad was here but the snow was too deep to enjoy. No snow there now though! (even though i was snowed on while walking to work yesterday).

Today is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

Played some touch football in the wedding field earlier this week, and just been taking it easy since then because my body seemed a little tired from all the fun i’ve been having.

Ready to find a new place to hike, but not enough time today before i go to work. But it is suppose to be in the 70s and sunny all weekend so hopefully i will get a minute off to have fun!

miss you all


(congratulations to megan and jordan getting engaged!)

todays been tough for all the same reason(s).

i’ll try to be better at updating soon



Had the day off yesterday! and… IT WAS GORGEOUS OUT! thank goodness!

Went on my first horse ride! With Butch! thank goodness he was such a good horse. a little impatient.. but i can relate.

Went with Rhet, Steve, and Ron. Took the horses down to the Snake River. The dam was opened up a few days ago and the water is high and fast. The river guides said the run that was taking them 3 hours when i got here is currently taking 1 hour.

The sunshine also brought out the hummingbirds.