Things have been going good here. Thought it was officially spring a few days ago, the aspens started blooming… but its windy, cold and dreary again… at least for the next 3 days. Not too big of a deal though because i’ve just been working mostly.

Went out two days ago  in search of great horned owl babies that are apparently in 2 different areas for sure.  At Gros Ventre I saw the mom in one tree and the nest/hole in a tree but the babies were all tucked in the tree so I couldn’t see them. At the other location I couldn’t even see where the nest was. But it wasn’t a complete loss because I did see 2 different rainbows that day.

Our last server arrived (stace, he is a 703 as well (o:  ) so hopefully we will be getting better scheduling soon… but I don’t see a set schedule in the future since it is all dependant upon how many guest are here each week.

As for today just wanted to get out and go hiking, but it is too blustery and I do not feel like being cold any more today.

hope everyone is having fun at home!

Happy Be-lated Birthday Megan!

OH! also! they other day (when i thought it was finally spring) I was sitting on my porch and there was this hummingbird that kept almost running into me so i bought them a little hummingbird feeder. Havent seen him since though… but it could be cause i havent seen the sun since then either… I will have to get a picture of my new feeder to show you soon!

    • Stacy
    • June 4th, 2010

    Yayee a Nova Kid!!!

    • Emily
    • June 4th, 2010

    I saw the zebras on the way home yesterday. xo

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