nothing much happening around here, and rumor is it will be that way until the 13th, when a magical “curtain” is suppose to lift and stop the rain. So havent been able to do much beside work.

Did have a bon fire 2 nights ago. Dancing, drinking, and laughing. always a good time.

I feel my patience with people crumbling, and i really need to remember to nod and smile more often. I feel like i have learned a lot of patience just from working customer service for so long, but it is starting to feel like it has shortened my patience with people who are not customers…. but i’m not sure thats correct either.. just a bunch of people from all over.. and i am bored of hearing their close minded views.

    • Mum
    • June 8th, 2010

    Don’t despair. Be happy that you have had the opportunity to be exposed to many viewpoints. Good and bad, right and wrong. Faye is going to San Fran this week with Morgan and Mike. Maybe they will wave when they fly by. xoxox

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