stayed in Idaho for the first time tuesday night!

Went camping with some friends. Found a nice spot on a lake+creek. Its so nice to be able to go camping in the middle of june with out melting. The weather got down into the 30s. but it wasnt too bad.

Hiked up a little mountain that we were camped next to in the morning and jumped into the freezing cold when we reached the bottom. Some parts were pretty steep, but just practiced my “arizona skiing”  technique as my friend calls it. Which is basically sliding down the rocks and hoping you dont fall. haha

Had the whole day off yesterday. Just relaxed after getting back from camping. At sunset went down to Schwabachers Landing to watch for beavers at a little beaver lodge, but didnt see any. Did see 2 bull elk though looking happy as can be.

trying to pull it together to go to work now. Hard to fit work in with this fun. Hard to be motivated to work when there is no rent to pay. but thats all the complaints i have, so life is pretty good. ❤

miss you all

    • Emily
    • June 25th, 2010

    Sounds like tons of fun. It has been getting up to the 90s here, definitely melting weather. I did eat breakfast outside this morning though, since all of the living room furniture is in the dining room. It was nice, in the 70s. The dianthus in the front is still blooming too.


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