sunday funday

Phelps Lake from Death Canyon Trail

Went to the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar last night with  everyone. Seems like it would be easy to stay out super late here since the sun doesnt seem to completely set till after 9, but i usually still end up coming home pretty early.

Spent the best part of the day today hiking. Took the Death Canyon trail head down to Phelps lake. Hung out down there for a little bit. Took the trail back up to the bottom of a water fall. Although frowned upon. hiked off the trail up to the waterfall. Wanted to climb all the way to the top of it, but it was really steep and as much as i wanted to climb to the top… considered how bad the sliding the whole way down would feel, and decided to just stay as far up as i was.

Saw a yellow bellied marmot

Yellow Bellied Marmot

 on the way back out of the canyon. Super cute little fellow, just licking the rocks.. and munching on some falling pine needles.

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous, and I am really loving being able to enjoy the area and hiking.

  1. little marmont is too cute!

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