Been super busy around here. They say they’ve hired another server though, so hopefully we wont have to work over 60 hours anymore. 

Had a good day yesterday :o) worked the morning shift (6am-2:30pm), took a nap, and decided to go on an adventure. 

Drove behind 2 pronghorns for a while down the drive way until they decided to hop away into the sage brush. 

View at Schwabachers Landing, where the beavers are suppose to be


Went down to see the beavers, but they weren’t there again… but ended up seeing a badger instead. Second one i have seen since I have been here, but I just drove by the first one on the highway, so this was much more fun. 

He was just digging a hole and I’m not certain what badgers eat but he was digging at all the plants too. He seemed pretty unconcerned with me and a few other people watching him. Pretty neat little animal. What i would really love to see though is a porcupine. Hopefully I will get a chance to watch one of those before the summer is over. 



After that I was thinking i wanted to be a tourist and see a moose. So I drove down to Moose, and low and behold i got to watch a bull moose drink from the Snake River. The pictures aren’t that good since I was on the other side of the river, but it is pretty neat that they have their paddles now. 

I continued my journey towards Wilson and saw a girl moose 

Lady Moose


hanging out. Drinking and eating vegetation out of the bottom of the pond. 

I think it  would be nice to be an animal here because there is not much that they have to worry about, but i think it would be extremely annoying to have people taking pictures of you all day while you were trying to eat. 

After that i decided to climb to the top of Black Tail Butte. 

View from Blacktail Butte


 Not a very long hike at all, but just as steep as I remember. Saw 2 mules deer on the way up. They did not seem excited to see me and billy-goated up the hill much faster than I can. It is currently my favorite place to go. It is one of the closest spots to the ranch, with a great view, and I seldom ever see any one else their because it isn’t technically in the park or on the map. From the top you over look the highway, the mountains, and the Snake. From the other side of the top you can see all the way down to Kelly and Mormon Row. 

Bought new shoes a few weeks ago, that I love. Been wearing them around. They are great except for hikes like this where i had to go Arizona skiing on the way down, in which case my shoes get full of dirt. 

 Don’t have to work till 2 today, which is nice. Hopefully I will have to motivation to apply for a few jobs. 

hope all is well back home 

xo (happy be-lated birthday pretty) 

in much more disappointing news… my iPod stopped playing yesterday. I was hoping it was out of battery, but nothing I seem to plug it into brings it back to life…..

    • Emily
    • July 7th, 2010

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. I guess life wouldn’t be so bad if all you had to worry about was people taking pictures of you. 🙂

    • Justin
    • July 7th, 2010

    Not your iPod! 😦

    • Robin
    • July 10th, 2010

    Love your shoes! They’re really popular up where people are above sea level I’ve heard. Beautiful pics. Glad you aren’t gonna have to work that much anymore-doesn’t that kill your feet??

    • daddyo
    • July 10th, 2010

    I think the summer time is like vacation for all the animals. But I think 50 feet of snow could be a little difficult. Sorry to hear about your ipod. Hope you get it working again. Photos are amazing. Big paddles.

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