pig wrestling

not much new here. Pig wrestling in town tonight at the Teton County fair which should be awesome. There are two teams from the ranch that are going to be wrestling. a boys team and a girls team. not sure how much the first price team gets, but either way it should be overly entertaining.

Yesterday was wing night.

Monday went hiking into paintbrush canyon. pretty awesome hike but had to turn around to get back to work

Sunday was my day off. literally didn’t do a thing. Did get a call for a phone interview for a job in yosemite this winter. The interview is on friday so i will know more then.

Saturday went white water rafting with 6 of my friends from the ranch. It was awesome. When we were getting off the raft though there were some people looking for a georgia man that i guess had just gone under a few minutes before we got there. The paper says they are still looking for him.

Other than that things have been going really really well. Been applying to jobs for a week or so now, so it is exciting to hear from one of them. I’m thinking yosemite will be cold during the winter… but i am betting it will be beautiful!

cant imagine how hot it must be back home. Been meaning to call you all, and thinking of you always


    • daddyo
    • July 28th, 2010

    Just imagine that its so hot here that we set a record yesterday. 98 degrees. 99 in Sanford. Good luck on Yosimite. Isn’t that where the bears rip doors off cars looking for a free lunch?

    • Emily
    • July 29th, 2010

    It has been a million degrees out here. Basically incentive to stay inside as much as possible.

    Miss you, let us know how the interview goes tomorrow.

    • Robin
    • August 2nd, 2010

    I love reading about your adventures:) it’s shark week and I miss you.

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