they call it the top of the world


unfortunately… im not surprised that this blog ended as quickly 

 as it began. Although i’ve been working less here than I am use to working at home, it is more draining. Maybe its living and working in the same place, with the same people, or maybe its just being scheduled to work 13 hour days, and not working that much because I decided to pick up a shift. People come here for the location, not the job, and I think there has been some confusion with the management about this.  

apparently shooting guns is tooo mucchhh fuuuunn.


Emmy left last week, and Ginny left today. Uncle David and Lulu just got in and I am excited for them to have some time out of town, out of state, out of time zone.  

The weather has been pretty iffy the past couple days, about to start snowing again it seems. high 55, low 35 today. Winter is back I suppose, and although i’m not quite ready, it has to be nice for everyone else to come here out of the horrendous heat thats been happening this year. 

<i was all done with my blog when i realized it deleted the second half… lets see if i can remember what i said> 

Other than that not too much going on out here. I think one of my last blogs mentioned a phone interview with Yosemite.  It seemed like it went well enough, but our dates just didn’t seem to match up. Had a phone interview today with a job at a ski resort south of Lake Tahoe. Fortunately, the dates for this one seemed to match up better. I’m feeling like I should be offered the job, but I won’t know more until the beginning of next week. 

Ginny and I went riding yesterday morning. She rode Princess, and I was finally able to ride my little pony Tank. He isn’t too little, but he is just  little kid. We just went on a walk through the aspens, and he was perfect, obviously. 

TANK. my little pony ❤


Most of the wildflowers have died off, but there are some right now, (fireweed, that look similar to milkweed) that turn really beautiful shades of red after their blossoms die, and they are looking super pretty against the white of the aspens bark. 

other than that most exciting things would include my new sleeping bag, and lulu and uncle dave brought me the one thing I have been wanting and didnt tell anyone, outdoor friendly slippers. 

I couldnt ask for more. 

mormon row

    • Stacy
    • September 1st, 2010

    Pretty girl. Come home, I miss you. xoxo

    • Emily
    • September 1st, 2010

    Lulu picked out the slippers for you before you even told me. 🙂

    Good luck with Tahoe!

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