the weather changed pretty abruptly out here in the past few weeks. 2 weeks ago when Emily was visiting it was hot and sunny everyday. We saw some moose, bison, and even a red tailed fox, but I couldn’t seem to find a silly little ground squirrel that I wanted her to see, and which also happens to be about the easiest wildlife to spot out here. Rhet suggested they had already gone into hibernation, which i humored as much as the possibility that they had gone extinct. Even though I knew he was probably right, it was hard to imagine ground squirrels going into hibernation when it is 80 degrees outside. Apparently they knew it was about to get really cold again.

see em, not only are they really cute, they are really real too!

It seemed they day Emmy left it got freezing, (literally). It was pretty cold and overcast the whole time Ginny was here, but we had fun anyways.

Its still been pretty dreary around here the past couple of days. I couldn’t see the mountains for most of the day yesterday. The appreciation for the mountains I had this morning caught me off guard, after going only most of the day yesterday without seeing them, it was breath taking all over again to see them this morning with all the new snow sprinkled across the top of them. Amazing how just a little fresh snow on top really makes a difference. They look so crisp and clean all day, i’ll have to try and remember to take a picture soon.

Worked all morning but the bison have moved up in front of the ranch so at least I was able to watch them today.

Things are good here. Lulu and Uncle Dave are in Yellowstone for the day, and overall i’ve been left with no complaints recently.

missing you all always ❤

    • Emily
    • September 3rd, 2010

    I think I saw a ground squirrel on the driveway when I headed out to the preserve. He looked like your picture at least.


    • lulu
    • September 5th, 2010

    Had our best vacation! Fantastic views, STARS and food!
    Cassidy it was SO great getting to see you and enjoy Lost Creek thanks so much for very thing!! Really enjoyed our horseback ride(still feeling that, today) Send our best to all. See you soon. Love Always, Aunt Lulu & Uncle Dave.

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