aspen rain

Amazing how my body still seems to react differently out here to things then it would back home. Never been much for head aches, but had one a few days ago that has actually lasted until today. Only thing I could come up with was whatever pressure system was accompanying the storm that came threw had thrown my body off. Usually watching the storms roll in and the barometric changes that accompany the weather is one of my favorite things to watch and feel.

I guess my body is still unconvinced about 6,500 feet. Or maybe I’m just tired and the elevation accentuates everything. clocked 70 hours last week. Still in love with overtime.

Hasn’t been snowing on the mountains the past few days, still looking gorgeous though.

My pony Tank was picked up yesterday to go spend the winter somewhere else. I’m happy he doesn’t have to spend the winter here, but I do miss him. I was able to get off work early enough on Saturday to go for a last ride. We went up through the aspens and it was beautiful. Some of the fireweed has turned, and some hasn’t. but the color of the leaves right now is magnificent and a perfect reminder that the seasons have changed. The fireweed grows tall beautiful purple blossoms, and after they are done blossoming the whole plant gets a burnt look to it. The greens of the leaves start to dry up and turn beautiful shades of red, yellow, and brown. They are really quite amazing.

For the majority, the aspens around here haven’t begun to change too much. I still love being a grove of aspens when the wind is blowing, the way their leaves move against each other, if I had my eyes closed, I would swear it was raining.

Thinking of getting out of here in a few days. Still have no idea what direction I will be headed, let alone where I am trying to end up.

I’ll talk to the lady from Lake Tahoe again on Wednesday. Hopefully I have not been waiting in vain.

I will be in Florida on the 9th of course though for Stacys wedding! I am excited to see everyone. I have missed the convenience of life back home, but I think I still prefer the rural beauty and life that cannot be experienced in place of convenience. I am certainly not excited about having to start grocery shopping again.

overall just sitting in limbo for the moment, but I am happy and still believe i’m the luckiest girl in the world, and thats all you can hope for somedays.

Hung out with Tank for a little while before he left yesterday. Gave him a carrot and shared an apple. He is starting to get the hang of eating carrots… and still made a huge mess with the apple, but his good looks make up for it. took some pictures of tank yesterday before he left. apparently my memory card was not in my camera though, you would think with technology my camera would warn me i was taking pictures without a memory card.. but it didnt. So now I have pictures on my camera, that are not on my memory card, and I do not know how to access them to put them on the computer… its an interesting situation to say the least.

thinking of you all always ❤

    • Emily
    • September 14th, 2010

    Love you. There is a bed for you in Atlanta if you decide to wander this way…

    • Mum
    • September 14th, 2010

    Rain, lightning, heat and humidity, Sophie and Mia. They have all been waiting for your return! Me too!

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