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A lot has been going on since I arrived in Arizona. Rhet’s house was pretty awesome, quail and bunny rabbits running around all day, and I bought an ultra-violet light to go scorpion hunting at night time. Pretty amazing!

From Arizona we headed to New Mexico and stayed at his Uncle Craigs house, Houston to stay with Tim, and over to the Panhandle to camp in Gulf Breeze, Florida.

Took the scenic route through Florida to end up back in Orlando. We stayed out in New Smyrna, went canoeing, and Stacy got married! Since then just been hanging out, seeing how long we could last unemployed without losing our minds…neither of us seem to be very good at not having a job. So we drove down to Naples a got one since Naples seems pretty perfect for winter.  I am going to be the new Tiki Server at the La Playa. I was thinking working for minimum wage sucked, but I will now be working for about half that. Hopefully it will average out to more after tips though :o)

Currently we are in the Spanish Wells off of the island of Eleuthera. It has been pretty overcast since we arrived but some how have been managing to have fun anyway! Went snorkeling right off the deck yesterday and felt like we got to see so much stuff for just swimming around right behind the house.  When we first went out we found a bunch of whole dead sand dollars sticking out of the sand. Less then 5 minutes after trying to explain what the alive ones look like and how funny they are always traveling in herds it seemed, we went back in the water and found alive sand dollar after sand dollar, and no dead ones, it was so funny.

Later walked down the island a little bit before we got in. Found tons of urchins, a few lion fish (way awesome), saw my very first sea slug!!!! I love those things. A small stingray…. a lobster … some baby sergeant majors, which always make me think of granddad … probably something else really cool i am forgetting… oh yes!!! we saw a bunch of urchins, but only one “mine urchin” and it was super awesome.

Riding our bikes around the island was also a lot of fun. There are tons of banana tress fruiting right now, papaya, avocado, and some citrus, none of which is ripe yet. There are also goats and sheep, can’t go wrong with that!

    • Emily
    • October 21st, 2010

    Sounds like you are had a lot of fun in the Bahamas. I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures.

    • Lulu
    • October 22nd, 2010

    Hi Guys! Missing you and wishing I was there! How are the stars? Thinking of you! Love Lulu

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