Wyoming–>Utah–> Arizona

I believe I wrote this entry on September 20th, give or take a day. Couldn’t connect to the internet… and am just now publishing it.

Back to the real world.

Been having a pretty magnificent past few days.

The Bunk House.

Left the ranch on Thursday night and drove down to Salt Lake City. The plan was to stay at a small island called Antelope Island that is in Salt Lake, but apparently they shut the gates in the evening so ended up staying in a hotel instead since it was too late at that point to come up with other accommodations. Drove down to Bryce Canyon National Park in the morning and camped in the national forest.

Bryce Canyon

When we arrived at the park gate I was able to upgrade my Grand Teton/Yellowstone pass into a pass for all the parks, it was very convenient, and I am still excited about that! The park was gorgeous, but just like any national park, I feel like I don’t get the feeling I am suppose to experience by going to the overlooks the map tells you. I’m not sure if its because they are the designated photo stop spots that are have some sort of expectation of beauty and magnificent you are suppose to feel there, or if it is the million dumb tourist in your way from being able to just sit and enjoy. Probably some of both, but putting more money on the later. After camping Friday night, we woke up and went back into the park to do a little hike. I pretty much always feel better about somewhere after taking a hike. Just walking down and enjoying an area off of a turn out always seems to be more rewarding than the cookie cutter view they have set up for you.

Outside of Bryce Canyon was an area I believe was called Red Rock State Park. I didn’t stop, although it seems like somewhere that would be a lot of fun to go back and explore sometime, there was even a Butch Cassidy hiking draw off the road. The whole area outside of the park was really just amazing. Fields of grass filled with cows, llamas, and bison; a small stream winding back and forth following the road, with a backdrop of large rock cliff just shooting out of the ground. I’m sure the weather is temperamental during certain parts of the year, but in that moment it was perfect.

From Bryce we headed down to the Grand Canyon. I had never been to the Grand Canyon before (let alone Utah or Arizona), and Rhet had never been to the North Rim before so it was exciting. For me it seemed like something you needed to see but not my favorite park. We camped in the national forest outside of the park at the greatest campsite of all time. Our campsite was right on the rim of one of the canyons that feeds into the Grand Canyon, and it was pretty amazing.

Rhet and our perfect campsite.

A little bit more wind than you would experience from a campsite not on the rim of a canyon, but an unbeatable view. Went back into the park in the morning to visit some of the less traveled paths in the park, in my opinion, an excellent choice.  It was awesome to go to an area of the park that also educated you about the surrounding plant/wildlife, because as amazing as the Grand Canyon is, it is still just that, a grand canyon (big hole). Maybe one day I will get a chance to hike from one rim to the other, and I am sure I will have something much different to say after that experience.

    • Emily
    • October 21st, 2010

    Great pic of the bunk house… miss it?

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