Adventures in paradise.

We’ve been debating on whether or not to go scuba diving, or to find somewhere else to go snorkeling at least. Scuba diving isn’t the most convenient thing since we would have to island hop twice to get to the island that offers any sort of diving.

West off where we are staying on the island is a small group islands. Not big enough to live on by any means, but about 4 small rocky islands.


When we went snorkeling a few days ago we went to the area between our island and the small rocky ones off the shore with the intention to possibly swim out to the islands and see what was going on there until we got in the water and realized maybe it looked closer than it really was.

Although we had a lot of fun swimming through there, I was still anxious to find something more, we are in the Bahamas for heaven sakes. Nothing much happening on this island though, and no plan logical enough to decide to make our way over to Harbour Island to go scuba diving, so we started looking online for a possible site for snorkeling off our island. Also not the greatest source for information where we are, Rhet decides we should go back to where we were the other day, just to the outer side of the little islands.

We Kayaked out to the islands and around the back side and couldn’t see much so we kept paddling out to sea. We saw a small boat not too far out from where we were and decided there must be some fish by where he was, so kept paddling further. It was not long before it was apparent we had found the reef. Purples and greens shinning through the surface, reef so close in some places it looked like color floating on the surface of the water rather than underneath it. We found a clear spot and jumped it.

The reef was nothing short of magnificent, and even more rewarding to know that we went out there and found it on our own instead of spending hundreds of dollars trying to find the perfect place with the perfect dive.

Where we jumped in was just like a magazine, reef from the bottom of the ocean all the way up to the surface with an area we had to zig zag through where there was a break in the reef, just absolutely surrounded by the gorgeous corals and animals, our kayak in tow.

Almost the first thing we saw when we got in was a stingray, 


and it didn’t seem long enough after that we got our hearts beating a little faster as we noticed a barracuda watching us, but thankfully it quickly moved on. Of course though the only time Rhet and I got separated is the only time I ended up with my heart in my throat. The current on the surface was pretty strong since we have had  pretty good winds going since we got here, so as he gets up on the kayak to check out the surroundings he gets pushed right over top the reef where it is too shallow to jump back in the water. I am waiting patiently at the edge of the reef when I notice a r swimming over the reef towards me. In my heart of hearts, I realize it is ridiculous to be scared of this fish, but there is just something so creepy about the void look in their eyes, the way their gaze always seems to follow you, and they just always seem a little too curious for my comfort. So I take a little peak out of the water to check Rhets progress, and start swimming back away from the reef some, maybe the barracuda just needs some space to swim by. So as I start to speed up my pace slightly, trying to be kinda sneaky that I don’t want to hang out with him any longer, I realize that this nasty fish has also picked up speed and is closing in on me. I curiously look above the surface and with some relief realize Rhet is getting closer. As I play through my head double checking I’m not wearing any jewelry that would glitter in the light, and try to think the best position to be in when this barracuda that is chasing me finally decides to bite me, Rhets splashing scares him away. As I see his side for the first time I am thankful he looked smaller from the front as he drifted away.

One of the highlights of the day was a little guy i thought was a nudibranch, but apparently it is a type of gastropod, sea-snail if you will, but not really typical snail shape, it’s called a flamingo tongue, and it was super cute. The one we saw was also on a purple sea fan.

Turtle :o)

The other highlight for the day for me, besides the turtle of course, was on the way home, when I was saying how absolutely perfect it was there, Rhet saying he thought we’d be able to find Egg Reef!, and learning that he didn’t read about the reef out there on a website, or in the little tourist book of information we have, but that he saw it on the map on the wall in the house.  Granddads maps that mom had, that I gave to Elizabeth for Christmas. A set of 3 maps of Eleuthera and the Spanish Wells that she had framed and have up on the walls here, in the Spanish Wells. I think that our adventure would have made Granddad smile.

Blue Striped Grunts I Believe :o)

    • daddyo
    • October 23rd, 2010

    flamingo tounge is one of my favorite shells. nice photos.

    • daddyo
    • October 23rd, 2010

    yes. grandad would be happy.

    • Lulu
    • October 23rd, 2010


    • Emily
    • October 23rd, 2010


    • Mum
    • October 25th, 2010

    Sounds like a super, duper fun day! So glad you found the reef. No turtle soup!

    • Faye
    • October 26th, 2010

    Your scuba adventure sounds awesome. Can you believe how beautiful it is on the deck!!! Are you reading lots?

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