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the little things in life

I have been editing pictures recently to print out, and was so excited the way snapfish(.com) was able to enhance my underwater photos I just feel the need to share with you.

Of course I don’t have a true underwater camera, so I am never too disappointed when the pictures do not capture what you can see under water, but I am so impressed with how good of a job snapfish was able to do to make my photos look  the way the should!



with the touch of a button, pretty amazing.


so amazing in fact i even updated the pictures from my original bahama blog



for those of you that were worried

I can feel my sanity slowly coming back to me after just one day of work. It is crazy to think how much I crave to work. It seems like it is a general assumption that no body particularly likes to work, and that everyone just does it for the end result, a paycheck.

I guess I wouldn’t be so desperate to work if there was a direct deposit to my account every other week whether or not I had made it to work or not… but there isn’t, and so I like to work.

Christmas is coming up fast, and I am feeling comfortable with all of my Christmas shopping being complete. Nothing too big and exciting for everyone, like I wish I could do, but one benefit of not working is learning to live a little bit more simply, which in this day and age is never a bad thing. So just a little something for the ones I hold dear, and a lot of love for everyone else.

Loving each of you and so grateful for everything this holiday season. It is actually impossible to look  back 365 days ago, and have any inkling of an idea that this is where I would be, but on the other hand, if everything had gone differently, maybe this is still where I would have ended up!

Either way, in this moment, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Merry Christmas



no work to be found

If there were any question before, there aren’t any more, I am Dills mom. She has been getting better and better every time we have taken her out, so today was the day, Dills first trip to the beach! She did not seem as convinced with our decision though. She was pretty nervous but it was so cute. She tried to hide by my feet and when I bent down to see if she was okay she jumped into my lap, continued to nuzzle her head into my elbow before trying to climb up closer to my shoulder. I felt bad that she was scared, but happy that sitting with me made her feel safer.

Other than that, there is no work to be had, but on an up note, that has left a little more time for reading. Just finished ‘My Spiritual Journey: The Dalai Lama’. Its been a very disappointing story that has unfolded with Tibet, but a very inspiring outlook on life the Dalai Lama continues to have. On the other hand, China has been … well … not a very good role model.

I have been trying, over the past few years, to be aware of my personal consumption and to reduce my consumption of Chinese products, for political and environmental reasons, reading this book has reaffirmed my feelings.

[ my bunny is currently sleeping with her eyes open]

“If we look closely, we see that the human mind, the human heart, and the environment are all inseparable. From this perspective, environmental education allows the birth of both the understanding and the love that we need for a peaceful and lasting coexistence.”

Golly Gee

Rhet and I went on a bike trip down in the Everglades a few weeks ago and saw a snake skeleton. Grossly intriguing of course, I figured I would share it with you.

Snake Skeleton

seems to have been raining a lot here for the weather man telling me we were going to be having a great drought.

Been losing my mind a little bit recently. We all know I have trouble comprehending working less than 50 hours a week.. and really start accumulating too much time on my  hands when only working 40… but my current work week is around 10-12 and hopefully this will not be lasting long because I do enjoy paying my bills and occasionally feeding myself as well.

Been thinking about what to do with all my time and started to think about finding places around here to hike when I realized I pretty much live on the longest hiking trail there is,  the beach.

Took a little stroll yesterday and found bunches of horseshoe crabs on the beach. Maybe they are sick of this cold weather too? maybe there were some fatalities during mating season? Not too sure why they were on the shore, but it is always cool to see them. It always makes me giggle because seeing them makes me think back to going to Sanibel as a kid… and I think Nada had some up on her walls outside… or somewhere on the property and I knew what they were, horseshoe crabs, but never thought much of them because I automatically assumed they were extinct.

Never thought twice that it would be very rare and weird for someone to have the body of an extinct animal on display at their house like that, or that they were still in existence, just saw them and automatically wrote them off, and that always makes me giggle.


i still love this

Life is too short to wake up with regrets. So love the people who treat you right. Forget about the one’s who don’t. Believe everything happens for a reason. If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.

the first winter chill

Things have been going really well recently. Work has been really slow, and its hard to not have mixed feelings about it. Overall the hours are easy and the pay averages out to be decent enough, but I am just so overwhelmingly bored out of my mind it makes me want to get another job. But getting a second job won’t make this one more entertaining… hopefully it will pick up, rumor is probably not till after christmas though.

Rhet and I went to the zoo yesterday, and I actually ended up learning more than I thought I would. I feel like I either end up learning a lot, or just hearing a bunch of stuff I already know when I go to the zoo.

fun fact: hedgehogs are insectivores that are actually immune to the toxins of scorpions and all the other nasty little bugs.

A scorpion Rhet and I found while scorpion hunting in Arizona

I’ve had a lot of time to hang out with Dill recently and she is the cutest funniest bunny in the whole world. Over the last week or so she has been hopping onto the couch to cuddle with me. Not for extreme extended periods of time, but its the thought that counts. I catch myself wishing sometimes that she could purr so that I would know if she was enjoying how I was petting her, or just staying put because I am so much bigger than her. (I do think she has doubled in size in this month we have had her though). Sometimes when I am laying on the ground, or if she is laying on my belly, she will come over to me and lick my nose and tickle me with her whiskers. I got a book from the library today to learn about my bunny and apparently if your bunny licks you it is because she likes you and is grooming you :o) so very helpful of her. AND apparently the little noise she makes when we are cuddling sometimes with her teeth means she is enjoying being pet. The section of the book also described all the types of noises bunnies make when they are upset, and I have never heard her make any of them, so I think we are currently successfully raising a happy bunny :o)


Other than that things have been good. Feeling settled so much in fact that i have started updating my resume and scouting out jobs to apply for.

hope everything is going well wherever you are