the first winter chill

Things have been going really well recently. Work has been really slow, and its hard to not have mixed feelings about it. Overall the hours are easy and the pay averages out to be decent enough, but I am just so overwhelmingly bored out of my mind it makes me want to get another job. But getting a second job won’t make this one more entertaining… hopefully it will pick up, rumor is probably not till after christmas though.

Rhet and I went to the zoo yesterday, and I actually ended up learning more than I thought I would. I feel like I either end up learning a lot, or just hearing a bunch of stuff I already know when I go to the zoo.

fun fact: hedgehogs are insectivores that are actually immune to the toxins of scorpions and all the other nasty little bugs.

A scorpion Rhet and I found while scorpion hunting in Arizona

I’ve had a lot of time to hang out with Dill recently and she is the cutest funniest bunny in the whole world. Over the last week or so she has been hopping onto the couch to cuddle with me. Not for extreme extended periods of time, but its the thought that counts. I catch myself wishing sometimes that she could purr so that I would know if she was enjoying how I was petting her, or just staying put because I am so much bigger than her. (I do think she has doubled in size in this month we have had her though). Sometimes when I am laying on the ground, or if she is laying on my belly, she will come over to me and lick my nose and tickle me with her whiskers. I got a book from the library today to learn about my bunny and apparently if your bunny licks you it is because she likes you and is grooming you :o) so very helpful of her. AND apparently the little noise she makes when we are cuddling sometimes with her teeth means she is enjoying being pet. The section of the book also described all the types of noises bunnies make when they are upset, and I have never heard her make any of them, so I think we are currently successfully raising a happy bunny :o)


Other than that things have been good. Feeling settled so much in fact that i have started updating my resume and scouting out jobs to apply for.

hope everything is going well wherever you are


    • Emilly
    • December 2nd, 2010

    I guess you just don’t know what to do if you aren’t busy busy all the time. Miss you. I can’t wait to see you and meet Dill.

    • daddyo
    • December 2nd, 2010

    First day of winter here. Heater on. The animals that live here lick, too. I thought they were just seeing how you tasted before they bit you. Now, I realize that I’m being groomed. Well, I think one of them likes me, maybe not both.

    • Stacy
    • December 8th, 2010

    Dill is sooooo cUTE! xoxo

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