Golly Gee

Rhet and I went on a bike trip down in the Everglades a few weeks ago and saw a snake skeleton. Grossly intriguing of course, I figured I would share it with you.

Snake Skeleton

seems to have been raining a lot here for the weather man telling me we were going to be having a great drought.

Been losing my mind a little bit recently. We all know I have trouble comprehending working less than 50 hours a week.. and really start accumulating too much time on my  hands when only working 40… but my current work week is around 10-12 and hopefully this will not be lasting long because I do enjoy paying my bills and occasionally feeding myself as well.

Been thinking about what to do with all my time and started to think about finding places around here to hike when I realized I pretty much live on the longest hiking trail there is,  the beach.

Took a little stroll yesterday and found bunches of horseshoe crabs on the beach. Maybe they are sick of this cold weather too? maybe there were some fatalities during mating season? Not too sure why they were on the shore, but it is always cool to see them. It always makes me giggle because seeing them makes me think back to going to Sanibel as a kid… and I think Nada had some up on her walls outside… or somewhere on the property and I knew what they were, horseshoe crabs, but never thought much of them because I automatically assumed they were extinct.

Never thought twice that it would be very rare and weird for someone to have the body of an extinct animal on display at their house like that, or that they were still in existence, just saw them and automatically wrote them off, and that always makes me giggle.


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