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half way there

I am not one hundred percent sure what I will do doing yet, but I do know where I am going!

Approx. May 3rd I will be working in Ketchikan, Alaksa.

Alaska’s First City, and the Salmon Capital of the World.

Possibly today, but most likely tomorrow, I will be able to tell you what I will be doing!


no work, and having so much fun!

Bored with being stressed out about not working, and learning to embrace it. (possibly just saying this because Rhet and I finally had a few of the same days off.)


.Hug it out.

Went searching for manatees!!! Just as fat as ever! Wasn’t sure where to find them down here, but low and behold, we were able to find Rhet his first manatee, of all places, at Manatee Park. Who would have figured somewhere named Manatee Park would have them?

Sea Cow

Thought maybe after the bad weather last night that there might be some good shells on the beach today. Tricked myself, didn’t find one worth picking up. Still a beautiful morning on the empty beach.


Felt like drawing today for the first time in a long long time, and even longer so since I actually took the initiative to do so.  Today Dill got her portrait drawn. Its pretty bright, but I am surprisingly satisfied  with how it turned out. I think it captures her up-to-no-good swag.

cephalopod love



Also drew an octopus for a practice drawing to make sure I feeling confident enough to draw baby Dill. [I always feel more pressure when there is someones likeness to be captured, but thankfully Dill isn’t too harsh of a critic.]


Had my interview today with Southeast Seas Kayaks. Not sure why he even called, it was so ridiculous. He was like “well pretty much everything I need to know is on the information you’ve already submitted”…. and then some silence.. so hire me? haha I dont know. I should be having another call this week, hopefully with someone with hiring powers.

a blustery day

almost got blown over on the way home from work, but I made it, and actually was able to make some money in the 3 hours I worked today.

Over the years I have apparently adopted a physical handicap, and cannot seem to fathom people spending their whole lives eating grapefruit, without a grapefruit spoon (where would you buy one of those silly little important things anyway). My wonderful home also did not come with a grapefruit spoon, but it is grapefruit season, and they were really cheap, so I decided to buy a bag, and try to figure out the logistics later. Thankfully as I was dumping the bag of grapefruit into the fridge a tiny little paper fell to the floor reading “free grapefruit spoons”!!!!! oh my goodness! I probably had the piece of paper filled out before the refrigerator door shut.  With no high expectations that these spoons would actually arrive before the end of grapefruit season, I am happy to announce, less than a week later (I haven’t even finished the grapefruits yet) and  I am blessed with the arrival of two beautiful spoons.

In other exciting crazy news, we have cute little finch like birds at work that eat the chips crumbs off the ground, a couple of days ago I saw a hawk swoop out of know where and leave with one. It was preeeettty CRAZY

The Last Frontier

Had another interview today with Allen Marine Tours for a job at the Ketchikan location. She said she just needs to check my references and would then like to call me back with an offer. It’s for a position called Passenger Service, which will basically entail working in the galley, answering questions, and selling retail items on board.

This is my second interview with a tour ship company, the other one was for prince william sound, which seems like the scenery and wildlife viewing would be better there, but the position is a land based position, not an on board position. So I am thinking I will have a better chance to see some wildlife in Ketchikan since I will be on the boat!

So hopefully all will go well! I am waiting to hear back from one more job that I am interested. It is also in Ketchikan, but for a kayaking company. I would be an office manager/kayak guide.


We will see!


It is easy to think about the different aspects of yourself that could always use a little work. Practice patience daily, learn to be more compassionate, want less, appreciate more.

Yesterday my friend called me resilient. It was lovely to think of a good characteristic that I have seemingly been conquering.

some days it seems it is more beneficial to not think about the things that need work,

and appreciate what you don’t ever focus on, the little things you have already conquered.

first time is almost charming

Just got home from my first music lesson.

Didn’t do too much, I mean, where do even begin with someone who knows NOTHING.

It is pretty awesome to think that the only class I am in is a guitar class, by choice, and I am determined to be a good student.

People say it just takes time and that I will miss college/wish I was still in school, but honestly, anytime I am having a bad day at work I think to myself, at least you aren’t in school! That seems to solve just about any “bad day”.


Had three job interviews today.

Was offered one, and basically the second one too. The process is still continuing on the third.

Still don’t feel any closer to a conclusion of what I want… well maybe thats false. I know what I want, just have yet to figure out the place that has it.

Having the interviews has put a greater of a sense of urgency to figure it out where I want to spend my summer.

Haven’t barely seen Rhet in days, miss being on the same schedule. Wonder what he is thinking about all this.

Maybe I’ll wake up in the morning with the answers. I am feeling confident with 2/3 interviews though, just not sold completely on it yet.