winter time, and the livins easy

The weather is warm and people are enjoying the pool. Great to wake up in the morning knowing I am going to have something to do when i get to work.

Rhet is getting promoted to front desk, and I am so jealous, almost. Word for word that is something I was wishing to have on my resume, but the fact of the matter is I am truly loving working outside, and making easy money with easy hours (when there is work to be had).

Dill still has a healthy curiosity of her surroundings, which is wonderful, but also means I constantly have to be paying attention to the little noises I hear throughout the house and decipher if I think the noise is her playing with a toy, or trying to demolish a wall. She is very cute in finding a new spot once a week that she didn’t know about, or didnt know she could get to.

It all started with the love seat. We would lay on the couch, and she would lay on the love seat. she then realized the spare bed was to her liking, and would lazily lay the day away on it. Last week she decided the dining room chair was the most perfect place to hang out. And yesterday she found a new love for the recliner for the first time. Yesterday she also discovered how to get her furry bunny butt onto the dining room table where we’ve been hiding all the non-bunny friendly stuff from her, but I have since, hopefully, bunny-proofed that problem. Week by week little things around the house have to change to keep her healthy curiosity safe for her, and our things.

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