manic mondays

Wednesday is my day off, with 2 interviews scheduled . Been narrowing down my dream list for summer jobs. Hopefully it will pan out so that I am offered one of them! Everything is moving much faster than I was expecting it to, but I am probably speaking too soon.

Dill inspecting the bikes

my poor baybee bunny has become a woman, and will have to be visiting the vet this week. 😦

Chia pet day one

Chia bunny day 8, before Dill helped us thin it out....opps

unfortunately it does not seem that it will be as cheap as my bunny book told me it would be. I wish she didn’t have to have surgery so soon, but they say it can easily add 5 years onto her life span, and she deserves the best.

Feeling very optimistic about my job prospects for once… maybe I am always optimistic about getting jobs, even though the job search usually leaves me feeling beaten and bruised… but you dont need to be offered all the ones you want, only one good one, right?

as for the current position i hold.. i have been working, and that leaves nothing to complain about. Working outside, only in optimal weather at the optimal hours of the day… I am always surprised when people get stressed out at work. it is actually slightly entertaining.

Figured out what I will be using Grandmas Christmas money for, Thursday evening I will be meeting with Kirk, my new guitar teacher.

    • Emily
    • January 12th, 2011

    Guitar sounds fun, let us know how it goes.

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