a blustery day

almost got blown over on the way home from work, but I made it, and actually was able to make some money in the 3 hours I worked today.

Over the years I have apparently adopted a physical handicap, and cannot seem to fathom people spending their whole lives eating grapefruit, without a grapefruit spoon (where would you buy one of those silly little important things anyway). My wonderful home also did not come with a grapefruit spoon, but it is grapefruit season, and they were really cheap, so I decided to buy a bag, and try to figure out the logistics later. Thankfully as I was dumping the bag of grapefruit into the fridge a tiny little paper fell to the floor reading “free grapefruit spoons”!!!!! oh my goodness! I probably had the piece of paper filled out before the refrigerator door shut.  With no high expectations that these spoons would actually arrive before the end of grapefruit season, I am happy to announce, less than a week later (I haven’t even finished the grapefruits yet) and  I am blessed with the arrival of two beautiful spoons.

In other exciting crazy news, we have cute little finch like birds at work that eat the chips crumbs off the ground, a couple of days ago I saw a hawk swoop out of know where and leave with one. It was preeeettty CRAZY

    • Mum
    • January 22nd, 2011

    Be careful what you ‘fish’ for…

    • daddyo
    • January 22nd, 2011

    Love reading your blog. What kind of chips do the finches like?

    • Emily
    • January 25th, 2011

    It is possible to eat grapefruit without the special spoon, but I am glad you got them.

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