catchmeifyoucan ketchikan

My computer currently has AIDS and I am using the library computer, So until further notice, there will be no pictures 😦

Was able to meet up with mum and dad in Tierra Verde on Sunday evening for their anniversary. They’ve been together longer then they have been apart, and that’s something pretty crazy all in its own.

Tierra Verde Sunset

Watched an amazing sunset and went out for dinner with Aunt Kerry and Uncle Bobby. Came home early to not work, but have been reassured again that this is the last time and I am going to be busy busy from here on out… ..::yawn::.

Ashley, her boy, and Robin O come in this weekend. The stars have possible also aligned to give Rhet a break from work as well it seems, but we aren’t positive just yet.


I did it! I made a decision. May 3rd I will become the new office manager for Southeast Seas Kayaks in Ketchikan, Alaska.

There were a lot of factors considered, but I knew once I made a choice I wouldn’t look back, and I have made my choice.

I was worried about spending my whole summer inside.. in an “office”, I was worried about not jumping on an opportunity to see as many whales as possible, but I all things considered, this job was able to offer me exactly what all good office jobs are, stability. Guaranteed 40 hours (more if I am up for it). With only having to work 5 days a weeks. Most likely a set schedule of Sunday – Thursday 7am-3pm.(I am thinking the sun wont be setting until 10pm)

(who knows if I am able to work 40 hours anymore, it has taken some time, but I seem pretty adjusted to the 8 hours a week I have been working)

Although this would typically seem mind numbing, After spending the last 3 months having no idea when or for how long I should expect to work, a set schedule sounds relaxing.

Also, yes, I did not accept a position in the great outdoors… BUT I will typically have 2 days in a row off, giving me a chance to spend time in which ever part of the outdoors I want, and set days off means less stress of waiting to see next weeks schedule and trying to switch shifts around to be able to have days off with Rhet. They have also offered to cross train me as an assistant kayak guide, so I am pretty excited for that experience!
(things are going back to normal with Rhet working outside and me back inside, this winter season was a nice change for both of us, well at least for me)

So, I for a while I wasn’t sure what choice to make, but I figured when you can’t decide, it’s probably safe to take the more responsible route. I figure as a 25-year-old college graduate it won’t kill me to add a little more management experience to my resume.

    • Emily
    • February 2nd, 2011

    Hey! You are not 25 yet, thought I guess by May you will be.

    Glad you were able to come to a decision. I know there were a lot of considerations.

    XO, hope to see you on your way to Alaska, if not before.

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