The Sing-Song-A-Long

The beautiful perfect Disney image of morning. The sun greeting the earth, warming up the land and animals, and the tiny little song birds welcoming the new day. A Disney princess pushing open the shutters, wind blowing her hair every so perfectly, to sing-a-long and welcome the new day.

Except in my beautiful real world, the bird that is sitting outside of my window singing everyday seems to be some sort of mockingbird that has spent its 4 note sing-song life around what my mind can only comprehend as 1) a smoke detector

2) a fire truck (alarm on)

3) an alarm clock

4) and a home alarm security test sound

And oh how he must be proud of his perfect imitations. Surprising, and not assuming to me, there has been more than one occasion where these sounds are actually playing a large part of a dream I am having before I wake up to the cruel reality that waking up does not make the sounds go away, but actually makes them louder.

If it were possible to sleep through this birds serenading morning song, I don’t. It always seems to begin right around the time Rhet gets home from work and into bed. Which has turned more into a shift change now because I cannot so easily fall back asleep and ignore the beautiful serenade that is happening, that would just be inconsiderate.

So here I am shutters pushed open, my hair waving in the wind, welcoming in the day with these beautiful song birds. coffee clutched tightly, lion mane bed head , and using all my powers to not buy a sling shot. Good Morning.


For all the are curious, which hopefully include everyone 🙂 Dill took her last round of medicine this morning and has been noticeably improving every day.  She has not started to sonic bounce again yet, but she has been able to get on the couches and in and out of the tub with, which looks like some pain, but she seems to be on her way to a perfect recovery. The recovery stages after I brought her home from the vet seemed to take a lot longer than predicted and we were starting to get worried she would not regain mobility to her hind legs, but this little party girl is up and bouncing again.

    • Emily
    • February 20th, 2011

    We can just start calling you Princess Cassidy. Sounds more like a Shrek kind of fairy tale though…

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