my mind is elsewhere.

Work is finally picking up some, but I can’t manage to get excited about “season” and making money. Thankfully I am still able to make money whether I am in the mood or not. I’m not sure if my mind is already on the road, or I just went so long without doing a thing at work that I can’t change my mind frame to being busy at work.  Just about 2 more weeks until I can put in my two weeks.  There will definitely be pros and cons to going back to hourly work.

While I was at work today about a half mile down the beach, at Vanderbilt Beach, a man was run over by a boat. His leg was severed and the rescue team was unable to locate it.  Pretty horrible thing to imagine happening while taking a swim in the ocean. I’ve always found it sad that the greatest thing in life we have to fear is one another.

the updates are few and far between because my computer has given up on me. I’m beginning to wonder if I was in some sort of accident as a child where there was a magnetic plate put in me. Not sure what else could cause all these problems with technology I am constantly facing.

    • Mum
    • February 27th, 2011

    I knew we should not have kept it a secret.

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