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umemployed and fancy free.

Spending my first day unemployed picking up the house a little so that we can move out in the morning. Mom and Dad came down earlier this week for dinner and took some of out things home with them so we don’t have too much to worry about here. It was fun to have them over for dinner. Dinner was an assortment of non-matching vegan dishes but I think everyone ended up being full, so that is good.

Went for a morning walk on the beach this morning and watched some dolphins fishing, and then watched Rhet try to catch some dolphins, which was not as successful.

It was strange leaving work yesterday. The epitome of ‘just a job’ in and out, no strings attached, no emotions involved. Which is not necessarily the worst thing, but it’s just strange to not develop something more with the people you work with. At least it makes leaving easier. Turned out to be a good paying job recently, but I am just not built to deal with all of the other aspects of that  job I believe. I know that working for an hourly wage is not going to feel awesome, but I know that set days off, and set times scheduled to work WILL feel awesome.


bye bye cute little home





come into the light

Rhet and Dill picking out what they want for dinner.

Good thing I had my birthday to distract me for a little bit. Now there is nothing left to think about besides Alaska and everything leading up to and into our trip. Rhet helped me devise a good enough game plan that I am not feeling stressed out at all. I am so excited to begin another adventure, and having someone else who wants the same thing really makes it so much easier.

Although everything hasn’t been ideal, I’ve really enjoyed our little slice of paradise here. Rhet found us the perfect home, and I love being able to ride my bike to work, working outside, and being so close to the beach. Of course there are always things you would change if you could, but at the end of the day this last-minute decision ended up working out just fine. It’s still strange working opposite schedules, but now I know what it is like, and am happy that we picked out the perfect little bunny to keep me company when he can’t.

Happy Birthday To Me

staying busy while winding down.

put in my two weeks. I’m thinking my last day is the 29th, my boss is hoping for the 30th. I guess we will see how enjoyable things are up to that point.

Have been trying not to let work get in the way too much though, as impossible as it seems with our ‘ships in the night’ schedule.

Had a little time off earlier this week and decided to go camping in Key Largo.  Stopped in Miami on the way to say hi to Theresa and Brent, camped in Key Largo, and watched the sunrise in Key West.

Portugese man-o-war at Smathers beach

The weather put a damper on all of our afternoon plans, but we were still able to make it to the Coral Castle. A pretty amazing silly little tourist trap that was on our list of things to do.We also stopped at a couple other attractions including the “I told you I was sick” tombstone, and the Southernmost Point in Continental USA.

Later in the week Brent and Theresa came and stayed with us on their way to Cape Coral, for a rejuvenating vacation to celebrate Theresas completion of her masters! We went out to dinner and watched the sunset into the gulf. They were the first visitors that we’ve had over that Dill was unfazed by, which was a pleasant surprise.


Dill and her Key West souvenir

Other than that, been so excited about my birthday coming up that I forgot about payday coming up too! So weird having a job where you only get paid twice a month. I liked when I had two jobs, and one paid weekly, and the other bi-weekly. Just made every other week seem like a bonus check.


Purchased our ferry tickets to Ketchikan today! hopefully we will have somewhere to live by the time we get there!

feeling like a ramblin man

SO! one week till I can put in my two weeks!

I am getting very excited. I know I am going to hate going back to working a 40 hour week, but I know I am going to love knowing exactly when I will be getting off each day and have 2 days off a week. thats right, count them, ONE – TWO ! My first job with a “weekend” built in.

I have so much love and happiness in my heart right now and it is an incredible feeling.

My mom is going to come over for dinner tonight!

So, in a month I will be driving from Cave Creek, Az. to Prince Rupert, Canada. Via The Golden Gate Bridge and Oregon Coast. (Its weird to think about when in Florida, but its going to be spring time then, I hope the flowers are still as amazing  as they would be if I had experienced the winter (or if experiencing winter brings a whole new beauty to spring)). Either way, I couldn’t think of a better time of year to do this drive.

I already have some stops picked out along the way that I think would be good. Do you have any suggestions of places that are must sees or must dos?

Life is good. Maybe found another couple to room with in Alaska so that broadens our housing options and hopefully helps cut back on pricing. Hopefully Dill likes Alaska. I am thinking she will LOVE to go blueberry picking 🙂

miss you guys

The most DElightful day

I had the most DElightful day ever.

Woke up early and rode my bike to the beach and took a stroll. Seems every morning we go to the beach there is something different  on the shore, one day a lot of conch, one day a bunch of horseshoe crabs, today olive shells.

.Went out to breakfast, and it was DElicious. .Rhet thought i was running late for work, but then realized i didnt have to go to work today :o)

.Had time for an early morning nap before getting up and heading back to the beach to hang out with a friend from work.

.Had my guitar lessons with Kirk. .Always feel bad about going because of course I never practice as much as I should be, but always feel better after I go. getting further with the song i’m working on learning. (Wish You Were Here, Pink Floyd.)

Made some dinner. .Cooked chicken for the first time in my whole life cooking meat, unsupervised, and apparently still edible! Things are just getting crazy over here!
Had some time to cuddle with my baby Dill and now I have a movie from the library to watch. Besides the laundry I am waiting on to finish, I have had a perfectly wonderful day.