The most DElightful day

I had the most DElightful day ever.

Woke up early and rode my bike to the beach and took a stroll. Seems every morning we go to the beach there is something different  on the shore, one day a lot of conch, one day a bunch of horseshoe crabs, today olive shells.

.Went out to breakfast, and it was DElicious. .Rhet thought i was running late for work, but then realized i didnt have to go to work today :o)

.Had time for an early morning nap before getting up and heading back to the beach to hang out with a friend from work.

.Had my guitar lessons with Kirk. .Always feel bad about going because of course I never practice as much as I should be, but always feel better after I go. getting further with the song i’m working on learning. (Wish You Were Here, Pink Floyd.)

Made some dinner. .Cooked chicken for the first time in my whole life cooking meat, unsupervised, and apparently still edible! Things are just getting crazy over here!
Had some time to cuddle with my baby Dill and now I have a movie from the library to watch. Besides the laundry I am waiting on to finish, I have had a perfectly wonderful day.

    • Mum
    • March 4th, 2011

    Ok, you cooked chicken? I’m in shock!

    • Emily
    • March 4th, 2011

    Glad it turned out well.

    Sounds like you are a wild woman!

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