feeling like a ramblin man

SO! one week till I can put in my two weeks!

I am getting very excited. I know I am going to hate going back to working a 40 hour week, but I know I am going to love knowing exactly when I will be getting off each day and have 2 days off a week. thats right, count them, ONE – TWO ! My first job with a “weekend” built in.

I have so much love and happiness in my heart right now and it is an incredible feeling.

My mom is going to come over for dinner tonight!

So, in a month I will be driving from Cave Creek, Az. to Prince Rupert, Canada. Via The Golden Gate Bridge and Oregon Coast. (Its weird to think about when in Florida, but its going to be spring time then, I hope the flowers are still as amazing  as they would be if I had experienced the winter (or if experiencing winter brings a whole new beauty to spring)). Either way, I couldn’t think of a better time of year to do this drive.

I already have some stops picked out along the way that I think would be good. Do you have any suggestions of places that are must sees or must dos?

Life is good. Maybe found another couple to room with in Alaska so that broadens our housing options and hopefully helps cut back on pricing. Hopefully Dill likes Alaska. I am thinking she will LOVE to go blueberry picking 🙂

miss you guys

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