staying busy while winding down.

put in my two weeks. I’m thinking my last day is the 29th, my boss is hoping for the 30th. I guess we will see how enjoyable things are up to that point.

Have been trying not to let work get in the way too much though, as impossible as it seems with our ‘ships in the night’ schedule.

Had a little time off earlier this week and decided to go camping in Key Largo.  Stopped in Miami on the way to say hi to Theresa and Brent, camped in Key Largo, and watched the sunrise in Key West.

Portugese man-o-war at Smathers beach

The weather put a damper on all of our afternoon plans, but we were still able to make it to the Coral Castle. A pretty amazing silly little tourist trap that was on our list of things to do.We also stopped at a couple other attractions including the “I told you I was sick” tombstone, and the Southernmost Point in Continental USA.

Later in the week Brent and Theresa came and stayed with us on their way to Cape Coral, for a rejuvenating vacation to celebrate Theresas completion of her masters! We went out to dinner and watched the sunset into the gulf. They were the first visitors that we’ve had over that Dill was unfazed by, which was a pleasant surprise.


Dill and her Key West souvenir

Other than that, been so excited about my birthday coming up that I forgot about payday coming up too! So weird having a job where you only get paid twice a month. I liked when I had two jobs, and one paid weekly, and the other bi-weekly. Just made every other week seem like a bonus check.


Purchased our ferry tickets to Ketchikan today! hopefully we will have somewhere to live by the time we get there!

    • Emily
    • March 17th, 2011

    Yay for pictures! Does that mean your computer is doing better?

    • Lulu
    • March 18th, 2011

    Great jellyfish photo…HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kiddo! LOVE YOU.

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