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We’ve made it to Arizona.

Took our time getting ready and didn’t rush our trip too much. Spent our first evening by a little lake in Beaumont, Mississippi. Right off the highway it sounded like the perfect little campsite, completely forgetting that a cute little lake in Mississippi at the start of spring could also create the perfect recipe for a storm of mosquitoes, which were happy to greet us as we arrived. Luckily I was mostly covered in long clothing, not so lucky, my face still exposed ended up being the prime target area for those little buggers.

I own a 3 person tent, which I typically take to mean, 2 people, plus their gear, semi-comfortably. But with the 2 of us, and our gear (Dill), It was a little bit of a tight squeeze. Ended up deflating the air mattress some, (yes, we are spoiled) so that Dills cage could fit in the tent next to the air mattress. She didn’t seem completely amused with the idea, but I like to believe it was better than any alternative she was considering.

Very strange the next morning we both wake up wide awake around 5:30am. Looking at one another we ask if we think its going to rain. You can here the trees off in the distance bustling with some light wind, but where we are is still, our rain fly isn’t shaking, and there seems to be no inclination of bad weather to come. Rhet peaks out the side of the tent with a re-assuring “I can still see the stars”. With no reason to get up except for already being awake, we decide to hit the road. Once I gain enough consciousness to actually pay attention to what the DJs on the radio are discussing, I could not be happier to be out of my tent and in my car. Tornado warnings and watches all over our route through Mississippi and Louisiana. We caught some pretty torrential downpours through Louisiana, but made it safe and sound to Dallas, Texas (heard on the radio the next day that 6-8 people were not as lucky). Home of my Tia, and windy windy skies.

Despite being in Texas, Dallas didn’t seem too bad. We went out for a fun meal at a Mexican restaurant while Thomas practiced, or didn’t practice as his trainer stated, his silks at his circus training. We then went home to play some ping pong and to give Dill her first encounter with a dog. It is safe to say that Holly literally scared the shit out of Dill, and gave us our first insight as to why the bunny from Bambi was possibly named thumper, as Dill thumped her feet across the floor in distaste. It was great to see Tia on my way to Wyoming, and even better to see her on my way to Alaska, but it was time to pack up the bunny and hit road for another long day of driving. April in Texas and there was ice on the roof of my car.

Headed to Ruidoso, New Mexico and out the window to the right and my first Pronghorn of


the year are spotted outside of Roswell. They are so awesome, and I love that they mingle around with the cows. We stopped in Roswell to check out the alien museums and shops, pretty funny. All the shops seemed to have some homemade alien display in the window followed by a store filled all with the same dollar-store-esq alien crap as the store before it. We saw a couple different herds of Pronghorn on our way out of Roswell, once we arrived in

Cute mule deer following me at Craigs house

Ruidoso it seemed as if we had stumbled into mule deer heaven. We met up with Rhet’s Uncle Craig and his cute puppy Cheyenne, and waited for his Grandma to arrive from Colorado to be able to all have dinner together.  We had stayed with Uncle Craig last year on our way from Arizona to Florida, and it was so much fun to be able to see him again.

From Uncle Craigs, Dill and I drove my car to Arizona, and Rhet drove his Grandmas car with her and her silly dog Charlie.  It is such a beautiful country over here, wide landscape full of mountains and valleys. Spotted a couple of patches of snow while driving through the mountains, and the first sightings of the saguaro catus let me know we were getting closer to our final destination.

open country

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