been in Arizona for a few days now. Was sick for a few days, but nothing too serious, just slightly pathetic. Its fun being at Rhet’s parents house, I feel like I am in a level of sonic the hedgehog with bunnies and quail running around outside everywhere.

Have been hanging out with family mostly. Hung out with his niece and nephews a few times,

. pretty unicorn .

went to the horse track to help his mom out and to watch his younger brother race some ponies. Were able to watch him win a race which was fun, but of course I was looking the wrong way in the picture at the winners circle. His grandma was very excited.


Saw a couple of coyotes crossing the road the other day. I know everyone thinks wolves are super cool, but why do people have such a problem coyotes? I think they are pretty cute, but I know I wouldn’t be thinking they if they were messing with any of my little furry friends.

Took Dill over to meet Rhets niece Kylie and nephew Colt yesterday.  Colt is allergic to most everything, but  seemed to do okay with the rabbit. I was very surprised how well-behaved she was, Colt would walk up to her real slow and Dill would just lower her head so that he could pet her. It was a pretty exciting day for her, her first time allowed outside off of her leash (they have a concrete block fence around the whole backyard).

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