Hello Humboldt.

Spent the night last night south of Garberville, Ca. and took the scenic drive through the Avenue of the Giants today. Woke up in a flooded tent, but can’t expect much else camping up here this time of year.

. Rhet . Wallace . Redwood .

Yes, it is impossible to capture how huge these trees really are. Although not the widest trees in the world, The coastal redwood trees are the tallest, with many averaging 350 feet tall. Well, how tall is that really? 350 feet, that would be 4,200 inches. I on the other hand am 63 inches tall. These trees were here long before I was, and hopefully will continue to thrive long after we all are gone.

I am still surprised at how quiet the forest always seems (we did manage to find a few cute banana slugs though),


and how these trees seem to continue to grow no matter what. Some completely hollow through the trunk except for their bark, where you can stand inside of the bottom of the tree, and they seem to stand with ease over a couple hundred feet tall. Miraculous. If anyone has seen on television, or read the National Geographic article on how they took many photos of one of the larger redwoods and then pieced all the photos together, this is the only photo I’ve seen that seems to do these trees any justice.

After checking out the Redwoods, (yes I think it is appropriate for Redwood to be capitalized,) we drove up to Arcata to meet up with Brendan. There will always be a special place in my heart for Northern California so I said I was thankful that it was a perfect dreary, nasty, Arcata day, because if it were gorgeous out it would only make that spot in my heart a little larger.

we love redwoods

It was wonderful to see Brendan, as always, and we had a beer up by the Plaza before Rhet and I hit the road. The dreary, nasty day only got worse as drove away from Arcata and headed north towards Crescent City.

me on a redwood tree


a redwood trying to look like a moose?


redwood woods

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