mini ponies, mini donkeys, baby bunnies, and TULIPS!

Inch by inch across the map we are getting closer and closer to Alaska.

mini pony!

No real ‘bumps’ along the road, and just taking it easy. Woke up in Mount Rainer this morning and headed up towards Seattle to meet up with Batman for lunch. Passed some mini ponies on the way, Rhet made sure to turn around so I could get a better look. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t have one of these silly little ponies. We love soup and salad buffets and ended up going to lunch at one near Batmans work that we hadn’t ever heard of before, but it was good, and it felt good to be overly stuffed, as you always are when you “get your money’s worth” out of one of those type of places. Hadn’t seen Batman since last time I was in Arcata in 2008, so it was fun to see him, but he had to go back to work, and we had the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival on our list of things to do. Found in the 1000 things to do before you die book, taking place only in April, and right off the highway!



bayybee bunniee !!!




Tulips, tulips, tulips, and daffoDills too, no relation to my Dill as far as I know. We did see a few curious creatures that were more closely related to Dill though. In one of the tulip flower beds we saw a couple baby bunnies running around happy as can be, they made me feel much better about the baby bunnies I met a few weeks ago that had a less fortunate existence when they met Rhet’s Grandma’s dog Charlie :o(. I never would have thought baby bunnies would make me so happy, but there really is no other word for them besides precious. If that wasn’t enough excitement to add to the Tulip Festival we also passed a alpaca farm (one day I will learn why they are different than llamas) and…wait for it…. a mini donkey farm!!!!!! Mini donkeys are real you ask? Why yes, yes they are, and they are absolutely fabulous. How do they rank compared to mini ponies? I have not yet completed enough research in that field, but you can rest assure I will let you know.

she is always making me giggle

. ohana .

After soaking in as many glorious tulips as possible, we headed to Canada. Only currently on day 2 without a shower, I was surprised they pulled us aside into their special customs building to make sure we were fit to enter their splendid country (,and at 5.17 a gallon for gas and 7 dollars for some Captain Crunch, I still continue to be proud to be an American).

so many tulips around here they grow out of trees too.

It is almost safe to say we were the only people who had been pulled into this special building that were receiving the green light into Canadia. One group ahead of us, the girl didn’t speak English. The second group was two unshaven unbrushed hippies, that possibly had recently decide to partake in illegal activities, I overheard the border patrol mentioning that they did not have enough monetary funds to enter Canada. The lady directly in line in front of us was the craziest. I assume she was pulled over for her lack of judgement on whether or not to put on a bra that morning, but more likely it was because she was coming through to visit some ‘guy’ that she had met before, well not really, well they skyped, and she was coming to the country to so some ‘investigative research’… and she was a complete wackadoodle, trying to talk really loud and get us to agree with her that it was ridiculous they pulled her over because her flight was 25 minutes late and now she was going to miss her ferry…, we silently just took a few steps back so that they would know there was no need to associate us with her.

These two are strictly business

We found a cute little spot on the water north of Vancouver and called it a day.

campin canadian

    • Emily
    • May 9th, 2011

    Those flowers are all so beautiful!

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