canadian ramblin



                    Canada certainly does not seem like the most populous place, but that was good because we were fortunate enough to start seeing some good wildlife. Dill was not so convinced about these Canadian roads, but found some refuge on top of her cage where she was less likely to slide from side to side.

lovely lichen

We saw millions of mule deer. and a magpie (love them).

 Every family has their “things”, Rhet and his mom like to stop at cemeteries,

so we stopped in the little town of Lillooet and walked around

 the cemetery for a little while.   


Back on the road we ended up seeing some bighorn sheep which were so awesome! They were crossing the road and we were able to pull over and take a couple pictures.

Black Bear

Further down the road Rhet pulls over out of know where asking for his binoculars, I of course do not know what he sees that I don’t, but right across the valley is a black bear moseying around and forging some food. Rhet, mister bear whisperer. This is the second black bear I have ever seen out in the wild (not on a tour), and he has spotted both of them, in also identical circumstances, I would have just assumed that little black figure was a rock. Personally, I’m more of a moose whisperer, and a few hours later we are pulling over to watch a moose.

Made a very strange U-turn later in the evening for a potential animal spotting. Driving through middle of no-where Canada something runs across the road and I say ‘was that a cat’, then we are thinking coyote, which only leaves one option, fox. I felt more comfortable since that seemed to be almost the exact same way Rhet came to the conclusion as well. So we make a u-turn and get the spot light out, and when we get close to where we see it, it runs across the road again, so fast though we didn’t get a better idea of what we were looking for, but how strange that it wanted to run in front of our car two times.

Big Horn Sheep

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