back to work :o)

Started work on the 1st, and so far so good. The couple I work for is really nice, and I think I am in for a summer full of fun. Feeling pretty cold out today, there was some ice gather in water run-off on the hill I walk down in the morning, and I am pretty certain it wasn’t there yesterday. Decided to go to to see how cold it actually was and discovered why no one here uses They think that it is 73 and sunny, and I wish they were right. I then retreated to the more Alaskan friendly, they reassured my intuition of the more likely “light rain/fog/mist” and 43 degrees.

Things are going really well at work, and since spring hasn’t quite sprung yet, I cannot complain about my little office with a view, not of the water, but of some nice trees that many, many bald eagles seem to inhabit due to my close proximity to a cannery.

I am such an instant gratification shopper, and hate calling places where people don’t answer, or e-mailing places that don’t e-mail right back, that oddly, this job seems to be working out perfect for me so far. I get such a feeling of contentment from e-mailing other people right back, or calling them right back that it is exciting for me every time I get a new booking! The onlyu bummer about being in the office is hearing the communication between the boats all day on the radio talking about whales.

to me, they are still elusive.

    • Lulu
    • May 10th, 2011

    Glad to hear it’s going well..And that spring is on it’s way…90 degrees again today. Wish I was there to see a whale with you! You’ll be out on the boat checking it out before you know it.

    Love you Missing you~

    • Emily
    • May 10th, 2011

    It was 90 here today too.

    Hope you get to see a whale soon!

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