living the tough life

Moon Rising over Buggy Beach

Everything I could have dreamed of, and almost more : o) . Loving my new job as well as everything else! Maybe it’s just the sunshine drug I am on, (day 3 on this binge,) but I am just loving it.

The guide house that the kayak guides are living in is BEAUTIFUL with a full view of the ocean, for a minute I was jealous until I started to hear the bickering that usually accompanies smushing strangers in a house together.

My job is great. I cannot express the joy of having a job that you are allowed to sit down at! This is my first one ever! I am loving working in the tourism industry because everyone you talk to just wants to have a good time, and is spending money out of enjoyment and not necessity, AND to be able to be part of the tourism industry, and be guaranteed 40 hours a week is crazy awesome! After my last job, and the ridiculous circus of a schedule I had, working 5 days a week is truly pretty awesome.

Friday night we went out to the beach with the people from Rhets job, which is really awesome that he has some many people working at his company (about 50) and they all always seem to get together. Always someone to talk to and new to meet. It was someone’s birthday and they all decided to go camping. It is pretty awesome here that everyone’s jobs revolve around the cruise ships, because when there are no ships, everyone has the day off! Unlike the ranch last summer, even when there were no guests, someone still had to be working in the kitchen to feed the staff. Also, I think this will give Rhet and I some of the same days off together.

Last night the people from my job got together at Buggy Beach and had a little BBQ. It was nice, but it is much different than hanging out with the people from Rhets job since my company only has 6 guides. It’s a very interesting dynamic so far, and I think I am happy to be sort of separated from it all. I still get to be friends with everyone, but do not work directly with them since I am in the office, and do not live with them. It is nice to be able to visit with them and enjoy their company, and still get to go home to my own house.

Hopefully I will get a chance to go out on the water soon, and have a picture of a whale to post for you. I will get to be out on the water by Tuesday for sure. My boss recruited me to do the locals Diva Paddle we do every tuesday evening for the local ladies of Ketchikan! She did not seem to enjoy the paddle last week… at all… so hopefully I will be able to spice it up and make it more enjoyable!

My mom sent me Stevens graduation notice and I am so proud and excited for my little cousin!!! I am thinking UWF is going to be gorgeous and FUN FUN FUN!

    • Emily
    • May 16th, 2011

    I am excited that you are loving life. I think it is a good thing that you aren’t living with all the same people you are working with this summer.

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