a few here, a few there

I have been having a wonderful couple of days up in Alaska. Rhet saw a whale Wednesday, so I think I am officially the only person here that hasn’t seen one yet. Besides the whale issue things have been great.

Went down to Mountain Point the other day to watch for whales, unsuccessfully, and decided maybe hunting bears would be easier. Stumbled across a mama and baby black bear up by the zip line course, pretty amazing, we were accidentally pretty close to them, and didn’t get any closer because we didn’t want to disturb the family. Also saw a bunch of bald eagles!

After that I went down to a cove on at the beach and watched some seals playing and catching


fish. It was a good thing i decided to turn around when i did though, because the tide was coming in and my rocks were starting to disappear. I certainly still ended up with cold water in both of my shoes, but a few minutes more and I probably would have been swimming!

Got to go paddling for the first time Tuesday evening, Diva Paddle! It was really fun to get out of the office and on the water. I can’t believe the guides actually get paid to do that and complain when people don’t tip, it’s ridiculous! Saw some sea stars, and a nudibranch. We just paddled across the channel and by Pennock Island. Didn’t go too far, but it was just exciting to get into a boat. The kayaks are really nice. The trip left me feeling more comfortable about coming up to the shop and taking a kayak out on my day off.

Wednesday I actually got to go out on one of our tours. Our 4 hour Orcas Cove tour and our 2 guest just happened to be from Tampa, which was pretty neat. Getting into the kayak there was a Lion Nudibranch floating right next to my seat! It was so cool. I’ve never thought about nudibranchs just floating around before, always imagined them walking across a rock or eating some kelp, but it was pretty awesome to see him floating. They have a ton of moon jellies up here, much smaller than the moon jellies we have back home, but they are pretty cool floating around in their little swarms. Saw a couple harbor seals, a few bald eagles, and right before we got back to the boat I saw a Sitka black tail deer, my first one so far. They are pretty little as far as deer go, but it is always fun to see something new.

Got my first pay check and it is definitely not going be helping add to my savings, but that’s

everything is heavier out of the water

okay. I am still enjoying working “regular” hours, and having set days off.

This past week we also had the lowest tide of the summer (-3.9) which was pretty awesome. There were some tube worms exposed that usually aren’t, and some anemones, that have attached themselves deep enough on the pilings so that they usually do not have to worry about the tides, were hanging off like angel trumpet flowers.

There have been a few orca sightings they past few days, and I guess that is awesome for 2 reasons. 1) Means the king salmon have started to run. 2) Means they are here for the summer!

So hopefully I will get to see one soon! Even though I still think they are super scary.

Other exciting news would include:

–          Finding 2 sea stars on the side of the road on my way home the other day, as well as a Sharpie fine tip marker, my favorite.

–           Finished the book I was reading, The Lost City of Z. About Colonel Fawcett, a great Amazon explorer, and his quest for a lost city.

–          I’m sure there are some other exciting things I am forgetting, but I haven’t been doing a great job of keeping this updated. We are not going to get the internet at our apartment, so we’ll see if I can maintain updating this or not.

    • Mum
    • May 25th, 2011

    yes, please keep posting

    • Emily
    • May 27th, 2011


    I had to look up nudibranches on Google. they look pretty exciting. What color were the ones you saw?

    • Robin o
    • May 29th, 2011

    Sharpie- score! What’s a nudibranch? ❤

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