i am getting paid for this.

local paddlers






Went out with local paddle for the time yesterday morning. Local paddle is a 2.5 hour tour we offer the locals on Saturday mornings so that they can have a discounted chance to get into a kayak and out with a guide.  Rhet came with, and we had a pretty fun morning. It was a little windy out, but not uncomfortably.

yea, they got goats

We paddled over to Pennock Island and I saw the goats for the first time! Nigerian Pygmy goats! Pennock has a small little island almost attached to it and I had just learned two days ago that there were goats (with collars) living there, so I am so excited they were out and sitting on the beach. Somebody who lives on Pennock keeps them on the island and drives them over on to Pennock a skiff to milk them, and then back to the island (by skiff,) after they have been milked.


We then paddled across the west channel to Gravina Island (same island the airport is on). On Gravina there were some large ravens talking up a storm. As we got closer we noticed a little sitka deer on the bank as well. It seemed the ravens started to pay

three beats one

closer attention to the deer just about the same time we did. The ravens started to walk from the rock jetty they were standing on towards the deer and started to caw up a storm and flap their wings towards the deer. Two of the three ravens then proceeded to fight with each until broken up by the third raven who seemed to say “hey, we are over here to fight with this deer, not each other.” And the three birds continued to chase and squawk at the deer until it shamefully seemed to start moving back towards the woods.

Local paddle was a nice way to end the spoiled week at work I had. The spoiled activities started during the middle of one of my shifts last week when I was sent of a float plane ride to

Misty Fjords

the Misty Fjords. Glacial craved fjords with steep granite cliffs, Gods country as I have heard it referred to by more than one person since I’ve been here. It was really quite gorgeous, and interesting from the view of a plane, sighting high altitude lakes, bogs, and the drastic diversity in tree types from one strip of land to the next based on their elevation/saturation was amazing to view. From one point where we hovered over the water we came up to a waterfall and the plane followed the waterfall up the side of the cliff and then flew over the still partially frozen lake hundreds of feet above. Some of the lakes were still completely frozen, and the pilot estimated the lake we landed on was not much warmer than the mid thirties stating that it was still frozen just a few weeks ago.

After having spent half of my work day in the fjords the day before, the next day I was sent out on a boat ride because we heard the orcas were out in the channel, and my boss sent me out hoping for me to see one. Although we did not see any, it was awesome that I got to go along for the ride. It is always fun to be out on the water.

float plane in the mistys

The grand finale to my week was my rescue training. I went out with my boss Gillian and one of our kayak guides dressed in dry-suits and learned how to rescue ourselves in our kayaks. It was pretty fun to flip my kayak over, unleash my spray skirt, and fall into the ocean. I’m not sure how cold the water is up here right now, but it was really fun to play around in a dry-suit. From there I learned how to tread water and dump all the water out of my kayak, and how to scramble back on/into it. I had been getting a little nervous about my training in the week preceding it, mainly because I get pretty cold some days sitting inside the office with the heat on. I wanted to have on enough layers so that I was warm, but not so many that my mobility would be inhibited. But it went well, I was warm, and had fun too! The dry suit gave me just enough buoyancy to feel like a little sea otter in the water. (too bad we don’t have sea otters here)

so local paddle was just the cherry on top to a week of fun through work.

Had a dream last night about humpbacks breaching, and killer whales eating ribbon seals. We don’t even have ribbon seals here. Gillian says it means I’ll see whales soon. Lets hope so.

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    • May 31st, 2011

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