atleast the wildflowers are reliable

Spring has finally started to spring, fashionably late, and always welcome. It was beautiful out last week and I swear there is a new type of flower blooming everyday on my walk to work that wasn’t there the day before.

New Flower Today: Bleeding Heart

Had the day off yesterday and thought I would take the opportunity to go on one of our Orcas Cove tours. Melissa was the guide and we had 3 guest. I have pretty much thrown most of my expectations to see a whale out the window, and figured I would turn my attention back to my original loves, the creatures of the intertidal. So I hoped to see another lions mouth nudibranch, and I did! Just one, but they are pretty magnificent.

Rained pretty hard for a portion of our paddle, and I would definitely say my smile drooped a little when I felt the first tickle on water make its way under my waterproof jacket and dampen my sleeve.We also saw a pair of seals, some bald eagles and some jelly fish. The jelly fish up here are abundant and awesome.

After Orcas Cove Melissa and I headed over to Burger Queen for a taste of the locals favorite fare. I had a banana milkshake, made with real bananas, and it didn’t disappoint.

Back on the docks behind the shop and on the hunt for nudibranchs, I think I spotted a false lemon nudibranch on one of the pilings, which was pretty exciting but hard to confirm.

Convinced I should be smart enough to track down some more nudibrachs to help make up for my whale curse I head to a harbor in town. Floating docks are really quite an amazing spot to view creatures of the intertidal. I just always find myself wondering if they ever know how lucky they are to have attached themselves to an item that always stays submerged, whether its high tide or not. I was able to find a family of opalescent nudibranchs living on a piece of kelp. I also found another piece of bull kelp being weighted down by urchins and starfish enjoying a snack. Overall a successful day off, I ventured to the guide house to hang out and maybe spot a whale (with no luck) before heading home to make dinner.

moon jelly + bull kelp

[Thursday one of my tours saw a pod behind my office and the guide didn’t radio to tell me they were out there. I think this is when I stopped being happy for people and mainly just green with whale envy. Upon arriving home rhet lets me know he watched a killer whale 2 different times throughout the day, Melissa says she saw the orcas on the way home from her second tour at Orcas Cove, and I get a call from the guys at the guide house to let me know they can see an orca swimming up the channel, those nasty taunting cetaceans are out there, and I am not taking kindly to their games. ]

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