The sun came out, and so did the fam!

Today is going to mark the one week point of being sick. I can’t remember the last time I was sick this long. I bet if the sun would come out for two days in a row it would clear me up, but I am still gross and groggy.

Tuesday Mom, Dad, Tia and Auntie Kerry came over to hang out and we had some fun! Everybody went kayaking and I think we had really great teams. Me and mom kayaked, Tia and Dad, and Kerry and Alex (my friend and our guide). We saw a billion bald eagles, even one swimming to shore with its catch (from far away). We saw sea stars and jellies and the cutest little harbor seal came to inquiry what we were doing on our way back to the boat. Back on the Sea Spree everyone warmed up with a hot drink, and a delicious salmon snack.

We explored Creek Street in town and made our way to Annabelles for chowder. Then it was about time to head back to the boat.

It was so much great fun having everyone come over, and even having everyone in the same time zone the past few days. Sounds like the rest of their cruise was a success, watching humpbacks bubble net feed, and spotting bears.

I am happy it didn’t rain while everyone was here, but it just wasn’t sunny. Monday was the sunny day, but I was/am sick and was stuck inside working. Hopefully there will be a rainbow following all of this darn rain.

I went nudibranch hunting down on the docks a few nights ago, with great, great success! We only found opalescent nudibranchs which grow to about 2 inches long, but there was billions, and they are awesome.

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