salmon berries, black bears, pirates, oh my

2 days off of work, and 2 days off from the rain as well.

Noah is a Pirate

Spent yesterday with Hilary, Noah, and Evelyn. We hiking up to Carlanna Lake, pretending to be pirates and trying to participate in an activity called geo-caching? We were much more successful walking the plank than geo-caching. We also found some extra time before nap time to partake in some tide pooling. Noah turned over the best rock revealing 3 urchins, 2 eels, a worm (which he preceded to pull out of the water), a few sea stars (5 and 6 armed ones), and a baby bright purple nudibranch! All under one rock covering a pool one foot long. That’s what we call an epic tide pool.

the epic tide pool. picture obviously does no justice

This morning Rhet signed us up for an Allen Marine tour that goes by boat around the back side of our island to the Misty Fjords. Rhet gets to go on the tours free through his work but unfortunately he ended up having to work this morning so I went with our friend Michelle instead. Not very long into the tour the boat started having troubles with its generator and had to bring us back to town.

Michelle and I stopped by the guide how and then decided to head to the zip-line course to hopefully go on a walking tour and look for bears. The last tour for the day had already finished (Saturdays have the least amount of cruise ships) but lady in charge of the reindeer still let us come in and feed the reindeer. They are smaller than I would have imagined they would be. They were all girls and rescued when they were just a few months old from a sausage farm. They are now 7 years old and half way through their life. Pretty funny little creatures.

funny vegetarians

Leaving the reindeer viewing area I could see the boardwalk for the walking tour, and tried to direct our conversation that direction as I wanted to look up the stream to see if there were any bears. We watched some bald eagles and king fisher. I could see the broadwalk had a chain across it and wasn’t going to push my luck seeing if we could walk down it since she had already been so nice letting us feed the reindeer and answer all of our reindeer questions, and just then a momma and babe black bear walked out of the trees!!!

The mom jumped into the stream trying to catch a fish but was unable to. It seemed like all the slashing and jumping around left the baby bear a little scared and it walked back into the trees. The mom went and got the baby and they came back to the stream. They walked across the stream, stood up to inspect a man on the other side of the stream and finished crossing to the estuary. The mom still seemed uncomfortable out in the openness of the estuary, continually standing to inspect the surroundings before they walked back into the woods.

momma and babe black bears

It was so awesome to see some wildlife!

Afterwards we went salmon berry picking before heading back to town.

The fire weed has started to bloom

    • Mum
    • July 9th, 2011

    Cool bear sighting.
    Salmon berries-sounds fishy!

    • Emily
    • July 11th, 2011

    What a great picure of the bears.

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