so my education does not go in vain.

I love being able to eat berries on the way to work

It is salmon berry season here, and i cannot express how much fun it is to be able to eat berries on the way to .. everywhere! But, i must pass on some information and share my education with you.  I have just been picking the big ripe red salmon berries, there have been big ones that are still orange or yellow that i have been passing up. APPARENTLY, those are ripe too. Color does not determine ripeness, and there can be ripe yellow ones, and ripe red ones on the same bush. So you just have to judge based on size, appearance, and how easily they come off when you tug them whether they are ready or not.So you can have a bucket full of berries ranging from yellow to plum colored, and they can all be perfectly ripe. My thought process of yellow strawberries arent ripe, and red ones are, was not irrational to apply to salmon berry picking as well, but it was wrong. So now you know.

captured: patches of blue

Went swimming in Alaska for the first time this past weekend. My new bikini was not purchased in vain :o)The water temperature is up to almost 56, so still not the most enjoyable of swims, but certainly refreshing.

 My friends from New York definitely seemed more confortable.

Found my first caterpillar of the summer. Silly little guy ate the end of a left off and fell out of the tree with it. While trying to pick him up he pulled some kung-fu moves i’ve never seen from a caterpillar before, but we were able to deliver him back to his tree.

don’t worry, i put him back where he came from





The guides have a bald eagle that spends its afternoons on the rooftop adjacent to theirs. There are bald eagles everywhere up here, but he is still fun to see.

    • Emily
    • July 19th, 2011

    I love all of your pictures. Looks so beautiful. Any thoughts about where you might head when the season is over?

  1. I thought i was going to be brave and try winter out somewhere with snow, but i slowly finding myself backing down from that idea and have been looking at guest ranches in Arizona. I mostly just want to make some money this next season. and am over paying rent. but… its still really up in the air till atleast August

    hopefully me and dill can sneak into somewhere fun.

    • Lulu
    • July 19th, 2011

    Love YOU!! Kiddo….Love the pics! I meet a bar manager in Grand Cayman…interested? Said she’d hirer Steven next summer but winter is season.

    • I could be interested in that for sure. if you get a website or more details or need my resume let me know. never hurts to look outside the box ;o)

    • Tia
    • July 21st, 2011

    So what do salmon berries TASTE like???

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