Yesterday was so beautiful I could not stand it! I had to go kayaking as soon as I got off of work! Took a kayak and paddled around Pennock Island which is the little island straight out from our dock. It was a little bit windy around the southern point, but it was a fun paddle. Only wildlife spotted besides eagles was a little harbor seal popping up to see what I was up to. Once around the southern end of the island I was able to watch the last two cruise ships head out of town for the night, which meant I could paddle close to town on the way back to the dock, which usually isn’t an option because of the massive cruise ships in the way. Although I was hoping to find someone to go with, it really was an in the moment decision to go, and I had fun by myself.

I finally got to go on an Allen Marine boat tour to the Misty Fjords today. I had such a fun time! Went south out of Ketchikan and into the Behm Canal. Slowed down to take a look at New Eddystone rock, and as we were headed into Rudyerd Bay we saw A POD OF KILLER WHALES!!!! It has been weeks since I have heard of anyone seeing them! I had asked the deck hand earlier during the trip and she said they hadn’t seen an orca in 3 weeks, but that they had seen a pod of them yesterday. And BAM there they were again just waiting for me! We were too far away before someone told the captain, so even though he slowed down we were unable to view them very close. Lucky for you, modern technology allows me to zoom in so you can see them too.  On our way out of Rudyerd Bay the whales were on their way in. Although we were closer when I spotted their blow fading, that is all we saw of them. I thought I saw them come up further in the bay, but at that point they were too far away to be certain. The captain mentioned his suspicion of them being a transient pod since they were being so shy. This was the first time this year they have seen them come into Rudyerd.

Those are WHALES

We docked for a minute in Rudyerd and watched as 3 float planes landed. Some of the people on my tour were getting on the planes for a float planes view of the Mistys, while the people coming of the planes boarded my boat. It was nice to dock up for a minute and be allowed on the top deck of the boat. Around the Misty Fjords National Airport, as they kindly referred to the floating dock, were a bunch of harbor seals. They are always fun to see, but that doesn’t say much since I love seeing everything.

All in all an AWESOME day. I can’t believe I saw some whales. Apparently a very exciting day at the zipline as well as there were over 6 bears at a time feeding in the stream up there. Hopefully I can get up there soon!

    • Tia
    • July 25th, 2011

    Yay! Whales.

    XOXO, Tia

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