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Today is my last day in Ketchikan, I catch a flight in the morning and will  be in Phoenix tomorrow evening.

It’s weird to think my time here is already over, and I feel … odd? packing my bags and planning the next leg of my journey with me and only my three suitcases with me. I seemed to arrive here with much more, in all senses.

From Phoenix I will be driving north to Bryce Canyon National Park where I will start work Thursday at the front desk of the Bryce Canyon Lodge.

I am pretty excited to experience fall there, a season I seldom get to see or enjoy. I was planning on road tripping through that area, but getting a job there is just as good, if not better. I am excited to have some front desk experience, and an October 31st end date, so still a chance to escape from the snow if I need to.

I have really had a fun time in Ketchikan, and its hard to believe my time is done here. The wildlife has been so dynamic and interesting I just feel like I am going to be missing out some by leaving early. When mom, dad, tia, and auntie kerry came to visit the bald eagles were everywhere, and now there are trips everyday that go out and don’t see one. they have currently been replaced with sea gulls, which are actually quite enjoyable when they are not being fed 3 feet away from you by a stupid tourist on the beach.

Today was the first real spotting of killer whales we have had in town for  quite some time. They have also been gone, following the salmon, but are/should be back about now. I am not sure if I told you or not, but we saw an orca out the window a few weeks ago while we were sitting around the table playing poker, and bam, a fin just pops out of the water. It was really incredible. Just a small transient pod, just popped up for a minute.

The bears have been out of this world, and the salmon, well the salmon are amazing animals as well.

Getting a job has really changed my plans… im not certain when I will be by to visit, but I do know in just 2 days I will be 2 time zones closer.

Love you all always


i applied 2.5 hours ago, and just got a job.


Ill update you more later!


Its been hard to update with my computer key board developing a mind of its own, and just been enjoying life.

Hiked to the top of Deer Mountain, and the top of Dude Mountain (I was looking for a mountain goat, and successfully found one), Took out my first kayaking tour, and Robin came to visit.

Dill has moved back in to my old apartment as I am trying to give her the best and most stable life I am able to offer, but it is still heart breaking to not have her. A week from today marks her first birthday, and she has certainly grown up this year into an upstanding bunny, not even chewing wires or walls anymore.

It was so much fun to have Robin here, I love being a tourist, and we tried as best as possible despite the extremely shitty weather. (It rained 6 inches on Saturday alone, but dont let this make you believe any of the other days were much drier). Less than a week till I move and still completely directionless, and not nervous or freaked out at all. Not sure if its good to not be worried, but im just happily riding this wave, hopefully it crashes somewhere fabulous.


My favorite picture i have taken recently…



A lot of great stuff, and some not so wonderful stuff has been happening up here in Alaska.

I have had a chance to watch whales again, a mom and a babe I believe. There were a bunch of boats out chasing them and breaking a bunch of laws, and one actually drove over where the whale was coming up and hit the whale. Fortunately someone called the coast guard and the boats all scattered and I was able to watch them for a while more in peace. These whales were not as close as the one I saw at the bar, but they were there for a lot longer, and put on a much appreciate tale show. I got a couple super cute pictures i will add later.

Also, August has been beautiful. A couple nasty days this week, but over all the best month so far.

Had beautiful weather for the blueberry festival, watched the slug race, and weight in for the largest slug. Pie eating contest, and my friend actually won the Beard contest, which was hilarious. Went out to breakfast in the middle of the afternoon and sat at the diner bar drinking coffee.  How very decadent breakfast at 1 o’clock feels.

Dill and I have moved out of our apartment and into a water front view room just in time for robin (h) to come visit!

I am so excited for her to get here! Hopefully I can come up with enough fun to entertain her while she is here, and hopefully it wont rain EVERYday. but, if it does, it will just be a real Ketchikan experience for her. 

 I know I mention the rain a lot, but just to wrap your mind around this, I have read Seattle’s average rainfall varying from 36-52 inches a year. Ketchikan averages 137-162 inches a year. I don’t know how Seattle gets so much rain credit.

Compliments of my beautiful Tia Megan, I will be jumping ship, and hopping plane, out of here August 30th. Not sure where I am going, but I am guaranteed to be at least one time zone closer, and happily in the lower 48.

Miss you. See you sooner, not later.

Whales from a bar, Not afar.

hungry whale ;o) woo hoo

yes, it more awesome than it looks.

whale tail!


hungry bear ;o) yahooo

8 hours of work, whales at the bar, and bears at the zip line, successful day if i ever heard of one.

babes chasing the mom with the fish

I literally could not fall asleep last night because I was so excited. I think thats only happend because of Christmas before. This was the MOST AMAZING DAY… dare i say ever?

i ate my first huckleberry today

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