Big Bears, Little Bears, Black Bears, OH MY!

I had so much fun bear hunting yesterday! My friend and I went down to Herring Cove yesterday with hopes of seeing a bear, I didn’t want to jinx it by saying I always see a bear there, or by borrowing Rhets fancy camera, but I wish I would have! so we will just have to take into account these pictures were taken with my stupid little camera.


We saw around ten bears, and it was AWESOME! I guess right before we got there a momma  bear caught a salmon and took it across the river and gave it two her two babes, and then caught one for herself, and was in the bushes eating in.  We watched a couple different bears walk around, and across the river (which is not surprisingly a salmon stream this time of year). We also watched one bear run down the river until it finally caught a salmon, and big big salmon!

Salmon Capital of the World, and he loves it.

His first failed attempt sent a huge rush of water upstream, seemed as if he gave the salmon a little more motivation to make it to their spawning ground. But just being able to watch the rush of water, as the salmon basically created a wave upstream after the bear made his first plunge into the river.

sam has a fancy camera bigger than my head, hopefully he got a good shot or too. I was trying to think of a holiday so I could buy myself a fancy camera, maybe for Dill’s birthday (09/01), or my half birthday (09/19).. it seems like a sound proof plan.

    • Emily
    • August 1st, 2011

    You are making me wish I was there with you oh so much!

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