A lot of great stuff, and some not so wonderful stuff has been happening up here in Alaska.

I have had a chance to watch whales again, a mom and a babe I believe. There were a bunch of boats out chasing them and breaking a bunch of laws, and one actually drove over where the whale was coming up and hit the whale. Fortunately someone called the coast guard and the boats all scattered and I was able to watch them for a while more in peace. These whales were not as close as the one I saw at the bar, but they were there for a lot longer, and put on a much appreciate tale show. I got a couple super cute pictures i will add later.

Also, August has been beautiful. A couple nasty days this week, but over all the best month so far.

Had beautiful weather for the blueberry festival, watched the slug race, and weight in for the largest slug. Pie eating contest, and my friend actually won the Beard contest, which was hilarious. Went out to breakfast in the middle of the afternoon and sat at the diner bar drinking coffee.  How very decadent breakfast at 1 o’clock feels.

Dill and I have moved out of our apartment and into a water front view room just in time for robin (h) to come visit!

I am so excited for her to get here! Hopefully I can come up with enough fun to entertain her while she is here, and hopefully it wont rain EVERYday. but, if it does, it will just be a real Ketchikan experience for her. 

 I know I mention the rain a lot, but just to wrap your mind around this, I have read Seattle’s average rainfall varying from 36-52 inches a year. Ketchikan averages 137-162 inches a year. I don’t know how Seattle gets so much rain credit.

Compliments of my beautiful Tia Megan, I will be jumping ship, and hopping plane, out of here August 30th. Not sure where I am going, but I am guaranteed to be at least one time zone closer, and happily in the lower 48.

Miss you. See you sooner, not later.

    • Auntie Kerry
    • August 17th, 2011

    Have a great time w/ Robin! She is so much fun. Will be happy to get you back somewhere it does not rain! What are the Salmon up do these days?

    • The salmon are up to.. the creek these days. They are COMPLETLEY AWESOME! and sorta gross dying and sticking up the river bank, but making for some happy bears and certainly less trash cans are being assulted in the middle of the night. I hope it stops raining for one day so i can get a sweet picture of them before i leave!

    • Emily
    • August 17th, 2011

    I am excited you will be (relatively) closer. I am missing you. If your route takes you near me, I can meet you halfway!

    • Mum
    • August 17th, 2011

    A ‘tale show’ – cute.

    • Lulu
    • August 17th, 2011

    Love you! Have fun! Can’t wait to see you….

    • Ashley
    • August 21st, 2011

    Michigan always has a home for you. oh and a little blonde who lives there said she misses you.



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