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Life above the tree line, 12,000 feet, alpine tundra.


life on top of the world

the last section of the Angels Landing hike; zion n.p.

fisheye view from peak of Angels Landing; zion.

cold victory swim after hot hike

Cute lizards captured at Arches National Park [he didnt get the girl]

Scenic driving; Arches n.p.

small updates

plants just want to grow

hoodoo nation

little girl loving the big world


look at this fatty!

Today was a refreshing. Maybe because i slept for a decent amount last night, but probably just a combination of everything. Worked with Leesa tonight, and she is such a pleasant and refreshing person to work with, educated, smart, and understanding. Tonight reminded me why I was so happy the first time I started working at a resort, because the people are here to be on vacation and have a good time.

It is pretty neat to work inside a National Park, 700 feet away from the rim of the canyon, although it really doesn’t even seem that far šŸ™‚ I walked a couple to the rim this evening to help them find their way in the dark, they appreciated it and so did I. It was my first time to the canyon at night time too, but the moon is almost full so it was easy to find our way. There is a full moon hike going out in a couple days that I hope to be able to go on!

I got tipped today, just for doing my job. I didn’t realize that tipping was ever customary for front desk, but I’m not going to complain.

I have an interview on Monday with the Lindblad Expeditions . It is not the position I had my heart set on, but I am still excited. I think if it were the main position I applied for I would be more nervous about the interview, but if I were them, I would hire me. Hopefully they feel the same?

I can’t believe I had never heard of the Lindblad Expeditions before. Seems like a great company. It was recommended to me by 4 cute kayakers that stopped into my kayak shop one day on their way from Washington to Juneau.

ground squirrel for ashley

hoodoo immursion

Don’t have to work until this afternoon, so went for a hike this morning. I was worried the 8,000 foot elevation would kill me, but i came out okay. i think walking all those hills in Alaska has helped even though i was living at sea level there. I took the Navajo/Queens Garden loop trail, only about 3 miles (they estimate 2-3 hours, but I was able to finish it in under and hour), but i figured i was a good starting place. I am still interested in hiking ever trail in the park before I leave at the end of October. If all the estimates are super high, i should be able to sneak in a bunch of trails even on days I work.

Everyone here seems super burnt out, and after being put to work 10 hours on my first day I can’t imagine how everyone else is feeling.

I just need to continually tune their sorrows out, and remember why I am here, free laundry, happy trails, and wildlife.


life is good, and will be better if i can locate somewhere with a signal strong enough for me to be able to upload pictures for you!

Inspiration Point

Woke up early this morning to watch the sun rise over inspiration Point. It was beautiful, also saw 3 buck mule deer cross the road, bachelor party! not long before the bachelor party breaks up though.


. Sunrise over Inspiration Point .

mountain bluebirds, oh i forgot how cute you are

Waking up this morning I couldn’t understand why my windshield was taking so long to defrost, so I sprayed and windshield it, only to realize it was taking so long to defrost because it was frozen. ! AH ! It still gets pretty hot during the day, but IĀ am taking to the heat like a fish to the water, I might have to invest in some sunscreen though.

. prong horns .

Less than a mile down the road I found a heard of pronghorns, 2 abandoned rusty cars,


painted ponies, wildflowers, and countless cows, I sure to love America’s road side. It was such a pleasure to see chipmunks and mountain blue birds, as I watched the sunrise over the Hoodoos here at Bryce Canyon.

There were so many mule deer out with their babies this morning, it is so exciting to live somewhere that wildlife is so easily viewable. Alaska had so much wildlife (in abundance!) to offer, but you had to go look for it. It just seems to be here, and IĀ am digging it. I don’t think anyone else still gets excited to see deer, as they are a nuisance in most places, but I still love it.

Mtn. Bluebird

After filling out my paper work this morning IĀ was shown around the property and to my room. Was it really only a year ago that I was doing this? moving into a dorm with someone IĀ never met, in a place IĀ don’t know anyone. It felt so weird. I am excited to have free laundry and 3 meals a day ready for me, but its just strange reverting to a single serving life in a single bed.

Cell phone service sucks in Utah, and my computer keyboard still isn’t working, but thankfully there is a computer we are allowed to use, so hopefully iĀ will be able to update my blog more often since i have a working keyboard available.

IĀ have orientation in a little bit, and a pressed with the difficult decision on whether to take a nap or go see what they are serving for lunch. Tough life, but iĀ am sure i will figure it out.

[update: iĀ decided to eat. full salad bar with endless cheese cake and blue powerade. filling my plate up a second time felt good]

i like painted ponies