the only water dripping on my head was from a waterfall.

i had such an enjoyable day yesterday. It was a little stressful trying to pack my stuff and decide how to get everything home, but with the amazing help of Sam, i was able to take all my bags to the check-in. Having belongings is so stressful to me, but i just couldn’t deal with it anymore. Just had to pack it all up and not worry about it. It was the best 60 bucks i have spent in a long time to get my bags on the plane.

. ZION .

How WONDERFUL to have my car again. to be able to just throw my bags in the trunk, and drive by myself. Not worry about where i put breakable things, because I was the only one in the car. To not have to worry about what i wanted to listen to on the radio! life is good.

Didn’t have to be to work until today so took my time driving. pulled over wherever i wanted, and went to Zion National Park, which was amazing!
From the Narrows to the Narrows.

The Narrows; if you look closely you can see some other people hiking

Spent Tuesday morning being shuttled on the Tongass Narrows, Ketchikan, Alaska; (complimentary boat ride from my boss to the airport, which is not located on the same island as Ketchikan), and spent yesterday hiking through The Narrows, Virgin River, Zion National Park, UT. It was absolutely gorgeous. Walking a path along the river, and then where the sidewalk ends, you can just keep walking through the canyon in the river. The deeper in the canyon you go, the narrower it gets, hence, ‘the Narrows’.

It was so fun

. make big trouble for moose and squirrel .

Not much wildlife to be seen, i guess Zion was used back as farming land once,so the diversity is not as great as they would wish, but they are working on it. Tons of cute little begging ground squirrels and mule deer though. The first time i have seen deer that are young enough to still have the little white dots on their backs. I was hoping to run into something exciting like a prong horn, but the lizards are pretty cool here.
how lovely to be back. Cows, Rusty Cars, Slurpee’s, $5 foot longs (not the ridiculous select varieties for $7 foot longs.), 4 bell peppers for .99cents, not 4 dollars for one bell pepper. Even the food and gifts in the airport appeared cheap after living on an Alaskan Island.
On to the HooDoos.

.Welcome to Utah.

    • Tia
    • September 1st, 2011

    Ahhh, the little joys of life! Happy to hear journey went smoothly. Can’t wait to see you….might need to make a trek up there.

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