hoodoo immursion

Don’t have to work until this afternoon, so went for a hike this morning. I was worried the 8,000 foot elevation would kill me, but i came out okay. i think walking all those hills in Alaska has helped even though i was living at sea level there. I took the Navajo/Queens Garden loop trail, only about 3 miles (they estimate 2-3 hours, but I was able to finish it in under and hour), but i figured i was a good starting place. I am still interested in hiking ever trail in the park before I leave at the end of October. If all the estimates are super high, i should be able to sneak in a bunch of trails even on days I work.

Everyone here seems super burnt out, and after being put to work 10 hours on my first day I can’t imagine how everyone else is feeling.

I just need to continually tune their sorrows out, and remember why I am here, free laundry, happy trails, and wildlife.


life is good, and will be better if i can locate somewhere with a signal strong enough for me to be able to upload pictures for you!

    • lulu
    • September 6th, 2011

    Think positive! Love U!

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