Carmen SanDiego

Watched the red sun rise over the Louisiana bayou this morning, was an absolutely gorgeous image of the southern swamps. Watched the sun rise as I was driving back to the proper time zone (EST), thinking to myself I should be feeling some affinity towards east coast, but in all honestly we destroyed this coast decades before I was even a glimpse on Gods radar. Although it is wonderful to be back in a land of radio stations that last more than twenty miles, 3G, and not having to wonder whether I have service or not, just knowing its an automatic blessing for dealing with this concrete jungle, there is just something missing.

Stayed with Tim last night, stayed with him this time last year on my way home from Wyoming, weird to think this year has only been one year. Always wonderful to see him and Tyson, we had an enjoyable evening together as we have always managed to do.

A few things in my life that were uncertain that I have been able to do further research on during my journey;

1)      Oklahoma City IS my least favorite city in America.

2)      Atlanta is my favorite city in America to drive in.

Oklahoma City; I thought possible last time driving there I was in a bad mood and possibly over judgmental if the people dining in the restaurant Dad and I dined in, but fact of the matter is, that place just stinks.

Hadn’t been through Atlanta since April last year, I remembered being excited about the way people drive here and  wondered if it was a fluke. Drove into town tonight close to ‘rush hour’, and experienced the same feeling. Not very many other places do the drivers not change with the impeding caution sides on the road. “construction zone”, “speed limit reduced”. As the speed limit drops from 70 to 55 entering the city, the average speed by drivers in the middle lane is a steady 75, construction zone or not. And none of the annoying speeding that gets caught up with people who don’t know where they are going, because everyone knows exactly where they are going, and are driving like they are interested in getting there, and that pleases me.

So now I am at Emmys, with her boy and her monster. Always good to see my sister.

    • Emily
    • October 7th, 2011

    At least he is a good little monster. 🙂

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